Republican leader makes chilling prediction that has people horrified

Americans across the nation are scared. And the administration in charge is only making things worse.

But now, a Republican leader has made a chilling prediction that has people horrified.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said this week that the media and Democratic politicians are doing everything they can to cover up the fact that the man accused of killing a Georgia student last week is an illegal alien because the left sees illegal aliens as future democratic voters.

Jose Antonio Ibarra, an illegal alien from Venezuela who is 26 years old, was taken into custody on Friday for the murder of Laken Riley.

Riley’s skull was allegedly crushed during the savage attack on February 22. Later on, her body was found in the woods.

Cruz was questioned on Wednesday about why the media is refusing to report that the suspect in the case is an illegal alien.

During an interview, Cruz was asked about the situation in the media and the suspect who entered the country during President Joe Biden’s border crisis, which is the biggest illegal immigration crisis in American history.

Cruz answered the question bluntly though: “Because they support the open borders we have,” he stated.

“The 10.6 million illegal immigrants who have crossed under Joe Biden — Democrats and the media both view all of them as future Democrat voters,” he continued.

Cruz highlighted that “if people have to die, if children have to be assaulted, if women have to be raped — they are willing to accept that as collateral damage.”

Cruz went even further to warn Americans of more attacks coming in the future.

He said, “The odds of a major terrorist attack in America today are greater than they have been at any point since September 11, 2001.”

“Every time I am on the border, when I talk to Border Patrol agents they tell me they are concerned about Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists crossing over and trying to commit another mass murder like October 7,” he added.

The Radical Left does not care about the lives of American citizens.

All they care about is staying in power so that they can continue to forward their Radical Agenda.

We have already seen how willing they are to weaponize the government against their political opponents, but now the situation at the border has exposed their other plans.

The Radical Left is trying to overrun and destroy this country.

We cannot allow this to happen, and we must fight back against the harm and destruction of the Left.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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