Ron DeSantis just gave Chuck Schumer the worst news of his life

Chuck Schumer has been sweating bullets over the midterm elections. His role as the Senate Majority Leader is on thin ice.

Now Ron DeSantis just gave Chuck Schumer the worst news of his life.

The rise of Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has been a force to be reckoned with.

Many Democrats have tried to stop his rise in popularity among the average American voter, but with little to no success.

DeSantis has been unflappable at every turn and it’s led many to view him as one of the prime leaders of the Republican party and in conservative circles, along with former President Donald Trump of course.

And just like Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis’s endorsements matter way more than the average Republican politician.

So when he pulls out an endorsement of out his pocket to hand out, everyone pays attention because it can tip the scales.

Chuck Schumer was hoping DeSantis would keep quiet about the Republicans running for Senate who could cause him to lose his Senate Majority role.

But his hope was misplaced. Ron DeSantis recently took to Twitter to announce his support for Don Bolduc, the Republican running for New Hampshire against Democrat Maggie Hassan.

The New Hampshire U.S. Senate race has become a razor-thin one with election predictors shifting this race from a safe Democrat win to a toss-up.

The Republicans winning just one of the close races in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and New Hampshire could give the Republicans the 51-seat majority they need to overcome Kamala Harris’s Vice Presidential vote in the chamber which gives Democrats their current majority.

Ron DeSantis announcing his support for Don Bolduc is a major move that could help Bolduc edge out his Democrat opponent.

Senate races have been tightening in the favor of the GOP for the past several weeks, causing Democrats to campaign in areas they never thought they’d have to defend.

And it’s not just Senate races either.

Historically deep blue districts in the northeast are being threatened by Republicans who have dramatically closed the gap.

The only question is how much of a red wave is on the horizon this Tuesday.

We’ll be sure to update you on how the chips fall.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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