Ron DeSantis makes a bold announcement that has supporters celebrating

Ever since Ron DeSantis announced he would be stepping back from the presidential race, DeSantis has been quiet. But he is still one of the greatest conservative leaders in this nation.

And now, DeSantis has made a bold announcement that has his supporters celebrating.

For years now, under the direction and leadership of Ron DeSantis, Florida has held fast to American principles and been a staunch opponent to the agenda of the Radical Left.

And in the midst of a Radical Biden administration, Governor DeSantis has led the charge against the oppression of the Left.

While the nation crumbles around them and gives in to Radical demands, Florida has refused to turn its back on America.

And now, while countless young adults across the nation have started leading mass protests and spewing anti-American rhetoric, Florida has a response.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared this week at a press conference that his state will not put up with demonstrators blocking roads and anti-Semites abusing Jews on college campuses, as some of the photographs that have gone viral this week have shown.

At the press conference, DeSantis said, “You think about what happened when you have these Hamas demonstrators out. They’re taking over bridges and they’re taking over roads.”

“First of all, you don’t have a right to do that. You have someone get stuck in traffic … someone may need to get to a hospital, someone may need to pick up a child somewhere, and you’re just gonna commandeer the road because you have this ideological predilection?” he added.

He then pointed out how his state had addressed these protests in the past, “They tried to do that in Miami and what happened? In 10 minutes, they got dragged off the road where they belong. And we are not gonna tolerate that.”

The governor then spoke about the anti-Semitic demonstrators who this week on college campuses had perpetrated violent crimes against Jews and proclaimed support for terrorist organizations.

DeSantis said, “Some of the stuff with the Hamas, I think, is absurd that someone would go out and demonstrate on that.”

He added, “But when you’re chasing Jewish students around when you’re not letting a Jewish professor enter a building when you’re targeting people like that, that’s not free speech. I mean, that’s harassment, that violates appropriate conduct.”

“And yet at Columbia, at Yale, all these places, those guys, those folks rule the roost,” he continued.

“They do whatever they want, and these administrators and the presidents of these universities are weak, they’re scared, and they don’t do anything.”

However, DeSantis pivoted to highlight what exactly would happen if any radical student tried that in his state:

“You know, you do that in Florida at our universities, we’re showing you the door, you’re gonna be expelled when you’re doing that stuff. And you know what? The minute people start to face consequences, you are not gonna see this nonsense going on,” he emphatically stated.

DeSantis will not put up with the harmful and destructive anti-America agenda of the Radical Left, and he will not tolerate that sort of dangerous behavior in his state.

America needs more leaders like DeSantis who won’t be scared of the Left, and who will fight to protect the American values that this nation was built on.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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