Shocking Democrat betrayal has shattered Biden’s chances

The Radical Left knows that Joe Biden’s White House chances are slim. And they cannot afford to lose any support.

But now, a shocking Democrat betrayal has shattered Biden’s chances.

In a surprising development, President Joe Biden will not have the backing of a key Democrat official in a critical Michigan battleground county as he campaigns for reelection.

This underscores the growing problems Biden faces within his own party just six months before the 2024 presidential election.

Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel, a prominent Democrat in Michigan, revealed to Detroit News columnist Noal Finley on Monday that he does not intend to vote in the upcoming presidential election.

Hackel expressed his dissatisfaction with both Biden and former President Donald Trump, saying he cannot support either candidate.

“I don’t have an interest in voting for president, and I feel disappointed by that,” Hackel stated. “I dislike both candidates. All they do is talk negatively about each other, instead of talking about themselves and their ideas.”

Hackel made it clear that he would not campaign for Biden, leaving the decision to the voters of Macomb County.

“I won’t work for him. I’ll let the people of Macomb make their own choice. I’m not voting for anyone just because a political party tells me I have to,” he added.

This revelation from Hackel is particularly concerning for the Biden campaign.

Democrat consultant Adolph Mongo told Finley that Hackel’s decision “hurts Biden” and means “Democrats will have to put a lot more resources” into Macomb County.

Mongo noted Hackel’s moderate stance as a reason for his lack of support for either major party candidate.

Macomb County, located in the southeastern part of Michigan, is the state’s third-largest county by population, with close to 900,000 residents.

It has been a pivotal region in recent elections, with the presidential candidate winning the county in three of the last four elections also winning the state and the White House.

In 2016, Trump won Macomb County by double digits, after former President Barack Obama had secured it in 2008 and 2012 by margins of 8.6 percent and 4 percent, respectively.

However, in 2020, despite Trump carrying the county by eight points, Biden won the state and the electoral college.

Hackel’s refusal to support Biden comes amid increasing dissatisfaction among Democrat voters in Michigan and other critical states. The “uncommitted” movement, which began with the Listen to Michigan campaign, reflects growing discontent with Biden’s handling of key issues like the Israel-Hamas conflict.

This movement has seen over 500,000 Democratic primary voters nationally cast protest votes against Biden, with more than 100,000 of these coming from Michigan alone.

This significant number of uncommitted votes poses a considerable threat to Biden’s reelection prospects.

For context, the 101,430 uncommitted votes in Michigan are approaching the 154,188-vote margin that separated Trump and Biden in the state in 2020.

The potential for these uncommitted voters to stay home in the general election could severely impact Biden’s chances in crucial swing states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

Adding to Biden’s challenges, a Muslim activist group called Abandon Biden has been organizing efforts in Michigan and eight other swing states to prevent Biden from securing a second term.

This group is driven by what they describe as Biden’s enabling of mass civilian casualties in Gaza, reflecting broader dissatisfaction with his foreign policy among certain voter blocs.

The Biden administration faces mounting pressure to address these internal party fractures and regain the support of disillusioned Democrats.

The upcoming months will be critical as the president attempts to unify his base and present a compelling case for his reelection amidst growing dissent and dissatisfaction.

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