Shocking report exposes the truth of the American border crisis

Joe Biden’s border crisis is the worst this country has ever seen. And unless we act quickly, there will be no solution.

And now a shocking report has exposed the truth about the American border crisis.

America’s fragile border security has come under heightened scrutiny after a shocking revelation:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) apprehended 31 individuals on the terror watchlist in just the first two months of the new fiscal year.

This alarming statistic represents a stark escalation, mirroring a concerning trend over the past several years.

CBP data reveals a steady rise in watchlist encounters: 2 in 2017, 6 in 2018, 3 each in 2019 and 2020, soaring to 16 in 2021, 98 in 2022, and a staggering 172 in 2023.

This exponential rise is no mere coincidence.

It’s the direct consequence of Biden’s reckless dismantling of border security policies implemented by his predecessor.

From gutting Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” protocols, to inviting illegal immigration through lax enforcement and inflammatory rhetoric, Biden has rolled out the red carpet for anyone, including potential terrorists, to waltz into our nation.

While authorities claim these encounters are “very uncommon,” the sheer numbers raise legitimate concerns about the efficacy of current border security measures.

America’s porous southern border, hemorrhaging illegal immigrants under the feckless leadership of President Biden, has laid bare a chilling reality: it’s become a highway for potential terrorists.

These are not your run-of-the-mill border crossers.

These are individuals deemed a direct threat to our national security, potentially affiliated with Hamas, Hezbollah, or Palestinian Islamic Jihad – groups with blood-soaked hands and eyes fixed on American carnage.

The numbers speak for themselves, painting a terrifying picture of Biden’s open-border disaster.

While some naively downplay these encounters as “very uncommon,” each apprehension represents a dodged bullet, a potential catastrophe averted by the vigilance of our brave CBP officers.

One is too many, and 31 in just two months is a national security nightmare unfolding before our eyes.

Adding fuel to the fire is the bloated, flawed watchlist itself.

Democrats, more concerned with political correctness than national security, have weaponized the list, turning it into a labyrinth of bureaucratic red tape and misidentification.

While legitimate concerns about accuracy exist, they cannot be used as an excuse to ignore the very real threats slipping through the cracks.

The path forward is clear: secure our borders.

It’s time to reinstate proven policies like “Remain in Mexico,” invest in cutting-edge technology, and empower our CBP heroes with the resources they need to do their jobs.

This is not about fear-mongering; it’s about common sense. We cannot afford to gamble with national security.

Every life saved, every terror plot thwarted, is a testament to the importance of vigilance. Ignoring the red flags waving at our southern border is a dereliction of duty, a betrayal of the American people.

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