Ted Cruz just said one thing that left Joe Biden diving for cover

Joe Biden has been hard at work destroying the country every chance he gets. That didn’t sit too well with Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

That’s why Ted Cruz just said one thing that left Joe Biden diving for cover.

Biden is hellbent on ruining the United States. Whether it’s because he’s a radical Leftist who hates American principles or he’s so old and incompetent that he can’t string a sentence together is anyone’s guess.

Thanks to his failed presidency, millions of Americans are saying inflation is outpacing their wages, prices are far too high for the goods they need to feed their families, and the government is absolving hundreds of billions in students debt by shifting responsibility to the taxpayer.

But one of the worst policy failures of the Biden administration has to be at the southern border.

Millions of illegal immigrants are pouring over the border – including over 4 million since Joe Biden took office.

That’s over 2 million per year!

This obviously has been concentrated in border states like Texas, where Ted Cruz is currently senator.

And he had some choice words for Joe Biden.

Speaking to Jesse Waters on Fox News’ “Jesse Waters Primetime,” Cruz accused Joe Biden of playing the race card at the southern border because it’s the only card he has.

“Look, I know that Democrats have one card in their entire deck, and it’s the race card. They scream racist, racist, racist,” Cruz began.

“But you know what, President Obama, you know what, President Biden? You know what’s racist?” Cruz asked. “When Joe Biden sits by and lets four and a half million people cross into this country illegally and he doesn’t care. You know what’s racist? When Joe Biden can’t be bothered to go down to the border and see the little girls and little boys being sexually assaulted by international cartels.”

Cruz didn’t stop there, he went on to attack Biden for enabling mass sexual assault at the border, murder, and a flood of drugs.

“You know what’s racist?” Cruz said. “When Joe Biden doesn’t care about the Hispanic women being raped by the cartels. You know what’s racist? When Biden doesn’t care about the dead bodies that the cartels leave on Texas farms and ranches across the southern border. You know what’s racist? That Biden will do nothing to stop the 100,000 fentanyl overdoses that happened last year.”

He rounded off his tirade with a jab at how the liberals in Martha’s Vineyard recoiled at the news that illegal immigrants were in their community.

“That is grotesque — and you know what’s racist?” Cruz finished. “When all the lily-white folks on Martha’s Vineyard sit back and say, ‘No, no, no, we don’t want any illegal immigrants here. Send them to South Texas, they can deal with it.’ That is grotesque, it’s offensive, and even to this day Joe Biden doesn’t give a damn.”

Ted Cruz is never one to pull any punches, but he was more fiery than we’ve seen him in some time.

And after the liberals at Martha’s Vineyard shipped the illegals out of their town, Cruz wondered if Texas would be allowed to deport illegal immigrants out of his state.

“Can we send them back?” he asked. “Oh, no, no, no, that’s just for rich billionaire leftists who the only time they’re willing to see an immigrant is if they want someone to mow their damn lawn.”

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