Terrifying warning issued by Trump ally minutes before being attacked by Biden’s DOJ

The Radical Left has been coming after Trump for years. But now, everything is about to change, because they are coming after us all.

A terrifying warning was issued by a Trump ally just minutes before being attacked by Biden’s DOJ.

Shortly before going to prison, former Trump advisor Peter Navarro held a press conference in Miami and declared that the US legal system will “have done a crippling blow to the constitutional separation of powers and executive privilege.”

Navarro additionally denounced the “emergence of lawfare and the partisan weaponization of our justice system, which we have seen done to this country with a vengeance since the coming of Donald John Trump as president.”

“I am the first senior White House advisor in the history of our republic that has ever been charged with this alleged crime,” Navarro stated.

Navarro was found guilty of contempt of Congress and given a four-month prison sentence for refusing to cooperate with the subpoena on the grounds of executive privilege.

Navarro told US District Judge Amit Mehta that “”When I received that congressional subpoena…I had an honest belief that the privilege had been invoked,” during his January sentence hearing.

“I saw alleged because, for hundreds of years, this has not been a crime. And for 50 years, the Department of Justice has maintained the principle of absolute testimony immunity, and it was only with my case that somehow that has changed,” said Navarro.

“And an executive privilege goes back to George Washington and his remarks to the Congress regarding the Jay Treaty and he said, very simply and clearly, succinctly, elegantly, that to write to the Congress he said, I cannot command you as members of Congress to come to be, you cannot command me to come to you.”

Navarro in his outrage noted that he would be the only person in that prison because of a misdemeanor.

He claimed, “Everyone else is in there for felonies.”

He then added that he “will gather strength from this.”

Navarro fiercely proclaimed that his mission “is to defend the Constitution, separation of powers, and executive privilege.”

Navarro showed great boldness and strength when he informed reporters that he was “not nervous” but instead was “afraid for this country because this, what they’re doing should have a chilling effect on every American regardless of their party.”

Navarro then spoke out and issued a chilling warning to the people of America:

“They’ve come for me, they can come for you.”

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