The Supreme Court gets hit with jaw-dropping new attacks

The Highest Court in the land is under heavy assault. But it’s gone way too far.

Because the Supreme Court has been hit with jaw-dropping new attacks.

The Left has their eyes set on upending the institution of the Supreme Court because of their disagreements with the rulings that have been handed down in recent years.

Top, high-profile Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have said that we should no longer view the Supreme Court as a legitimate institution.

She literally screamed at the Supreme Court that they were “illegitimate” after they handed down a decision that effectively overturned Roe v. Wade.

Or consider how the current Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer (D-NY), basically threatened the Supreme Court saying that they wouldn’t “know what hit them” if they continue to hand down rulings that the Leftists disagree with.

Simply put, these attacks are unhinged.

But now the Leftists are going after the Supreme Court to delegitimize them in a new way, by arguing that the Supreme Court has been off the rails for decades.

The Democrats have recently been trying to pass legislation to place new arbitrary ethical standards on the Supreme Court as a way to control them.

Of course, anyone with just a little bit of foresight can see how bad of an idea that is as it would give the Congress and legislative branch as a whole a leg up on the other branches of government by being able to effectively control the Highest Court in the land.

But a New York Times editorial board member, Mara Gay, argued live on cable TV news that the Supreme Court should have had ethical standards passed by the Congress placed on the Justices a long time ago.

She even says that to argue otherwise is to be anti-Democratic and anti-Constitutional.

First, she parrots the idea that the Supreme Court has become a tool of the scary “far-right”.

“In this moment in American history the far-right in the country, which includes several members of the Supreme Court at this point, is far less interested I believe, unfortunately, in precedent and in democratic institutions and far more interested in raw power,” Gay said on MSNBC.

Then she attacked Samuel Alito for defending himself against the Left’s attacks on the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.

“And I think what’s interesting about this op-ed to me is it’s straight out of the right-wing playbook at this point,” she continued.

“Throw out an extreme idea that is anathema to everything that any American who has been to a high school social studies class would recognize as the importance of the balance and checks of power, and then get Americans used to it so by the time you’ve decided that Congress, despite Section 3 of the Constitution, has absolutely no role in altering or regulating the court, then Americans will accept that, as though it was true all along.”

Talk about truly insane, right?

The Democrats are now trying to tell the American people that we have had it wrong all these years and that Congress should ultimately be controlling the Supreme Court because that is “true checks and balances.”

But where were these criticisms of the Supreme Court when the Court was handing down rulings that were more sympathetic to the radical Left?

Ah, that’s right. The Left just can’t stand losing on the political scene at all.

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