The truth about January 6th has finally been exposed

The topic of January 6th has been a dominant one in American politics for years. But, now things are changing.

And the truth about January 6th has finally been exposed.

The Radical Left has been twisting the narrative regarding January 6th ever since the day it happened.

They are stopping at nothing to make sure the American people never hear the real truth about that day.

But now a bombshell revelation from former Capitol Police Lieutenant Tarik Johnson has thrown the January 6th narrative into chaos, casting a stark light on potential government involvement and raising serious questions about the official story.

Johnson, the commander who ordered the evacuation of the House and Senate during the breach, has spoken out on social media, alleging that “J6 was not an insurrection,” and that he faced a 17-month gag order and suspension for speaking out.

His explosive claims directly challenge the dominant narrative.

Johnson asserts that then-Assistant Chief Yogananda Pittman “flat out ignored” his pleas to evacuate during the incident, while Chief Steven Sund sought external support.

This contradicts the widely held belief that Capitol Police were overwhelmed and unprepared.

Johnson’s account also implicates Chief J Thomas Manger in a deliberate cover-up.

He accuses Manger of being “the most corrupt politician in the country” and suggests that his role was to obfuscate the true events of January 6th.

This allegation aligns with Vivek Ramaswamy’s recent townhall comments, where he questioned the official narrative and raised concerns about potential government entrapment.

Ramaswamy sparked controversy by suggesting the presence of federal law enforcement agents among the January 6th crowd.

He pointed to the suppression of evidence, including hundreds of hours of footage, as suspicious, and questioned why Congress would withhold such information.

Johnson’s corroborating testimony adds significant weight to these claims.

The implications are staggering. If true, these allegations paint a picture of a manipulated narrative, with key figures within the government actively working to conceal their own role in the events of January 6th.

This raises serious concerns about transparency, accountability, and the erosion of public trust in institutions.

The mainstream media has largely ignored Johnson’s claims, further fueling questions about their own objectivity.

It is crucial that these allegations be thoroughly investigated, and the truth, regardless of how inconvenient, be brought to light.

The American people deserve answers. We deserve to know who was involved in the events of January 6th, and what role the government played.

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