This Democrat just became a laughingstock after their latest embarrassment

There has been no shortage of gaffes and missteps for the Democrats this election cycle. Americans can’t even take them seriously.

And this Democrat just became a laughingstock after their latest embarrassment.

We’re just five days away from the most consequential election of Joe Biden’s first term as president.

Polls are showing the Democrats are almost certain to lose the House of Representatives and may even lose the Senate.

If they lose their majorities, Joe Biden’s entire agenda will come crumbling down.

And with Democrats and Republicans alike not wanting him to run again in 2024, this could be the last chance for the 79-year-old.

Now Biden is facing lackluster excitement as he takes to the road to stump for Democrats before the midterms.

And in Florida, he just got the shock of his life.

At the first of three events in Florida at Hallandale Beach, Biden was greeted by a sparse crowd.

Florida Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz hosted the event starring Vice President Joe Biden and tried to get the crowd pumped up, pleading with them to “wake up!”

“You want to improve people’s lives? I bet some people in here want to improve people’s lives. Are you with me?” Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) asked the audience before the president took the stage.

After getting a brief applause from the crowd, the ex-chair of the Democratic National Committee and current congresswoman tried a little more to energize the crowd, to mixed results.

“C’mon people, let’s wake up! We got the president of the United States in the house! C’mon now! I know you got a little more energy than I hear,” Wasserman Schultz begged, raising her voice and snapping her fingers at the crowd.

On Wasserman Schultz’s cue, the crowd applauded briefly before falling silent again.

“OK. Thank you very much. That’s the crowd I know. Those are the people I represent. OK. Just wanted to make sure you’re still here,” Wasserman Schultz reacted to the brief increase in cheering.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Joe Biden took the stage and immediately flubbed his speech.

He started by saying he has no “greater friend in the United States Senate” than Wasserman Schultz.

The problem? Wasserman Schultz works in the House of Representatives. What a dumpster fire.

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