Top Democrat leader threatens to hold hostage unless he gets his way

Politics is certainly a high-stakes game. But no one expected things to get this out of hand.

And now, a top Democrat leader has threatened to hold hostage unless he gets his way.

Democrats have been accusing Republicans of wanting to shut the government down for the past few weeks, but in a new interview, the truth has come out.

It turns out that it is not the Republicans who are threatening to hold the government hostage, but it is the Democrats.

Democrat Senator Michael Bennet said in a recent interview with MSNBC that he would “definitely” shut the government down if there was no more funding for Ukraine.

The Host of the interview, Katy Tur, asked Bennet, “Are you ready to hold up a bill that comes to the Senate that does not include that Ukraine funding, potentially to shut down the government?”

To which Bennet replied, “I definitely am. I definitely am.”

This admittance is shocking and is hypocrisy on the side of Democrat politicians.

The Radical Left repeatedly accuses Republicans of holding the government hostage by threatening a shutdown if they do not get what they want to be passed in the budget.

However, the truth has become crystal clear: it is actually the Radical Leftists who are holding the government hostage.

Democrat elected officials are forsaking their oath of office and have made it clear they are willing to do whatever it takes to pass funding for Ukraine.

That should be scary for Americans to hear…

The fact that Democrats have made it clear they are willing to harm our country in order to send billions of our taxpayer dollars in order to fund a foreign war should be terrifying to Americans.

This is a wake-up call. The Leftists want to control this country, drive it into the ground, and destroy our economy, and have proven that they are willing to do whatever it takes.

In Bennet’s own words, “we’ve given a little over $70 billion” to Ukraine which Bennet claims is “less than what the Europeans have put in this war.”

Bennet is proving the exact point that Republicans and the voices of reason in this country keep trying to make.

America has invested tens of billions of dollars in foreign aid but cannot secure our own border, or send proper aid to our own citizens or our own states, all while our economy is crippling.

Democrats refuse to acknowledge the truth of the situation: that sending more aid to Ukraine while neglecting our own needs should be illegal.

Elected officials all swore an oath of office, and it seems that someone needs to remind Democrats of the oath that they swore.

Our politicians were not elected to send all of our money to foreign countries… they were elected to protect and serve our country; both of which they are failing to do.

The American people should hold the power and not the politicians.

It is time for America to take back the power and hold these corrupt officials accountable for their actions and their treason.

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