Tragic news for one presidential candidate could mean the end of this run

The presidential race is a brutal one that takes its toll. But no one expected things would go this far.

And now there is tragic news for one candidate that could mean the end of the line for them.

One of the biggest parts of running for public office is the fundraising that happens during the race.

Each candidate’s team tries to raise money and get support from numerous different groups and individuals in order to help them run ads on tv, travel, cover campaign costs etc.

Once the funding dries up for a candidate, that is normally the end of the line for them.

Now, Tim Scott’s campaign team is facing some tragic news regarding some of their biggest support.

The primary super PAC that is backing Tim Scott has made the decision to pull millions of dollars for TV ads.

The super PAC, the Trust in the Mission PAC, announced to the public that they would be canceling all television ads for the fall.

The super PAC makes the decision amid claims that their millions of dollars in ad spend have “hardly budged” Scott’s polling numbers.

The co-chairman for the super PAC stated, “We aren’t going to waste our money when the electorate isn’t focused or ready for a Trump alternative.”

He continued further, “We have done the research. We have studied the focus groups. We have been following Tim on the trail. This electorate is locked up and money spent on mass media isn’t going to change minds until we get a lot closer to voting.”

This could spell out tragic news for Tim Scott’s campaign, and many are wondering if he will be the next to drop out from the race.

In a recent memo, the co-chairman, Rob Collins, wrote, “In a news environment dominated by two wars and a chaotic scrum over the Speakership, TV money will simply be wasted.”

Many people see this as a smart move on Scott’s campaign, however, they also think it spells out certain doom for his run.

Scott’s poll numbers sit at just 2% and many see this as political donors “all but abandoning Scott.”

Some estimates say that the super PAC is canceling upwards of $15 million in funding for TV ads.

The super PAC claims that “Voters are tuning out a political race where no one will caucus for more than three months.”

This major loss of support is a huge blow to Tim Scott’s campaign and his few supporters and donors left might have no choice but to follow suit.

The race for the White House is a brutal one that takes its toll from all that run, but it seems apparent not everyone is cut out for it.

The race is not very close with Donald Trump still dominating in the polls, but there is still time for another candidate to make a jump.

It just now seems obvious that candidate probably won’t be Tim Scott.

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