Trump critic reveals Left’s shocking secret plan, and the world is horrified

It is no secret that Joe Biden and the Radical Left hate America. But the lengths that they are willing to go to in order to keep Trump out of office are crazy.

And a Trump critic has revealed the left’s shocking secret plan and the world is horrified.

Renowned director Oliver Stone has voiced strong opinions about what he terms “lawfare” being used against former President Donald J. Trump.

In a recent interview with Variety, Stone described the numerous legal battles Trump faces as part of a larger, more insidious strategy to undermine political figures through judicial means.

Stone, celebrated for his politically charged documentaries, discussed this concept while promoting his latest film about Brazilian President Lula da Silva.

Lula, a favorite among American progressives including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and President Joe Biden, endured his own legal ordeals, which Stone sees as analogous to Trump’s current situation.

Lula’s corruption probe led to a 580-day imprisonment, a fate Stone warns could befall Trump through similar tactics.

“The charges on both sides of the Trump-Biden election are pretty wild — that Biden is corrupt and Trump is corrupt,” Stone told Variety. “It’s a new form of warfare. It’s called lawfare. And that’s what they’re using against Trump.”

Stone elaborated on the growing trend of using the legal system as a weapon, noting that this phenomenon is not isolated to the United States but is increasingly observed worldwide.

He pointed out that Trump faces four trials with numerous charges, many of which he described as “minor,” regardless of one’s political stance.

“I think there are interesting parallels here in America, as well as all over the world,” Stone remarked. “[Trump’s] got four trials and some of these charges, whether you’re for him or against him, they are minor.”

Though not a supporter of Trump, Stone criticized the superficial handling of corruption charges against political figures, arguing that such accusations often fail to address deeper systemic issues.

He underscored that corruption is an age-old problem, embedded in societies since ancient times.

“Corruption is a way of life,” the director stated. “It goes back to the Greeks, the Romans, and before that the Babylonians. There’s corruption all through history, so let’s not be Pollyannas about it and think we’re ‘America the clean’ and we’re better than anybody else. That’s such bullsh*t.”

Stone’s skepticism towards the legal cases against Trump stems from his belief that money-driven politics are the true root of corruption.

He argued that politicians manipulate public perception through financial means, a practice that inherently breeds corruption.

“In a broad sense of the word, it’s manipulation of your office,” Stone explained. “You’re trying to control what the perception of you is in the public eye. And if you’re willing to pay money for that, that’s part of the concept of corruption, isn’t it?”

Stone’s reflections on corruption extended beyond American borders, emphasizing that no country is immune to these issues.

He criticized the notion of America as a paragon of virtue, highlighting the deep-seated corruption within both major political parties and advocating for a more diverse political system.

“There is life, there is death and there’s corruption,” Stone said. “But it’s a scale. You can’t point fingers at another country and say that is a corrupt country and that president has to be removed from office or we have to attack them or end a regime. Who are we to say those things when we are deeply corrupt? Look at the [two] parties. We should be multi-party and we should have public money in politics like they do in Poland. Or look at the English and the French models.”

The Radical Left is doing whatever is necessary in order to stop Trump from taking office, and they do not care about legality.

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