Trump makes a startling announcement in recent campaign speech

Donald Trump’s campaign has been going extremely well. But Democrats are still doing everything they can to sabotage him.

And now, Trump has made a startling announcement in a recent campaign speech.

Former President Donald Trump pledged on Saturday to “seal the border and stop the invasion of our country” as his top priority while in office during a rally in Greensboro, North Carolina.

“Among my first actions upon taking office would be to do a little thing that sort of sounds like common sense,” the former president stated in the statement.

He said that the idea was “not conservative, not progressive, not liberal.”

He added that is was “a thing that probably works for most of the people in this room. Seal the border and stop the invasion of our country!”

Later on in the same speech, Trump said, “If Joe Biden’s illegal alien migrants do not go back to their countries, we will never get our country back.”

“But we’re going to take them back because they’re not going to go back. We’re going to take them back.”

The speech came at a time in our nation’s history that many polled voters are saying the immigration crisis is the number one concern for them

Not only has Joe Biden seen record numbers of illegal immigration, but there has also been a huge uptick in crime since the tens of millions of illegal aliens have entered the country.

Trump stated that, “On day one of my administration I will terminate every open border policy of the Biden administration and we will begin the largest domestic deportation operation in American history!”

He heavily emphasized that “we have no choice.”

He said that he was “going to do it fast.”

Trump said, “From the very first day that we take back the White House from crooked Joe Biden, I believe we’re going to have the greatest four years in the history of our country!”

According to a Bloomberg-Morning Consult poll from this week, Trump is expected to beat Biden in 7 critical swing states: Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

The American people understand what is going on, and we are not going to allow Crooked Joe to destroy our country any longer.

Trump made it clear that he would not tolerate any of the Left’s sabotage of this country.

“With your help, we will win big on Super Tuesday, and this November, North Carolina is going to tell crooked Joe Biden, ‘Joe, you’re fired!’” he said.

The American people are rallying behind Donald Trump, and no one, not even Democrats, has any faith in Biden.

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