Trump makes NY Democrat admit the shocking truth for everyone to hear

Democrats hate the truth. And they try and do everything they can to cover it up.

But recently, Trump made a NY Democrat admit the shocking truth for everyone to hear.

In a surprising turn of events, former President Donald Trump managed to sway a New York Democrat to voice support for his policies while criticizing President Joe Biden during a rally in the South Bronx.

The woman, who chose to remain anonymous, was on her way to Crotona Park to attend Trump’s Thursday rally when she spoke with Savanah Hernandez.

Despite her longstanding Democratic affiliation, the woman candidly expressed her belief that Trump had been a better leader than Biden, especially in terms of economic policies and national security.

“I’m not at all a Trump supporter,” she began, emphasizing her reluctance. “But I’m here because when Trump was president, it was much better. I mean — he didn’t — the world wasn’t on fire.”

She noted that under Biden’s administration, the cost of living had skyrocketed, citing significant increases in the price of gas and other essentials.

“The prices went up like crazy. The price of gas, everything. So from the — he’s the best, I shouldn’t say of the worst — but there’s no choice.”

The woman confirmed her Democratic Party affiliation but explained that she has voted across party lines when necessary.

“I go according to who is better,” she said, implying that her support for Trump was based on his performance rather than party loyalty.

When asked about her thoughts on President Biden, the woman did not hold back. “Well, I think he’s destroying the country with his policies,” she stated bluntly.

“Things are getting worse and worse, and more — we could end up with World War III with Biden.”

Her concerns about Biden’s foreign policy were particularly pointed, suggesting that his approach could lead to global conflict. In contrast, she viewed Trump as a stabilizing force.

“I think that Trump is going to … Make America Great Again [laughs] you know, I’m saying that.”

The woman was clear that her support for Trump was not rooted in personal admiration. “I don’t like his personality,” she admitted. “Forget it.”

However, she separated her personal feelings from her assessment of his policies. “His policies were much better. Much, much better.”

This sentiment reflects a broader trend among many voters who, despite personal misgivings about Trump’s character, appreciated his administration’s economic and foreign policies.

It highlights the critical issue of policy performance over personality in political leadership.

This incident in the Bronx is emblematic of a larger shift that is occurring among voters.

Despite deep-seated partisan affiliations, there is a growing willingness to cross party lines if it means electing leaders who can address their concerns more effectively.

Trump’s ability to draw support from a Democratic voter in a traditionally blue stronghold like the Bronx indicates his continued influence and the potential for significant crossover appeal.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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