Trump receives shocking endorsement by unlikely ally and Democrats are worried

As the primaries draw nearer and nearer, Democrats are starting to sweat. Many of their past supporters have ditched them in order to endorse Trump.

But now, Trump has received a shocking endorsement from an unlikely ally, and Democrats are deathly afraid.

Over the past few years, the Radical Left has seemingly done everything they can to put America at risk with foreign powers.

Since Joe Biden has taken office, foreign powers no longer respect us, and after countless military disasters, the US is the laughing stock of the Middle East.

But now, people are speaking out against Biden and reminiscing on the peace the world enjoyed under Trump.

U.S. Ambassador to NATO Julianne Smith said in an interview with CBS News on Thursday that Presidents Obama, Trump, and Biden have all “pushed” NATO members to increase their defense spending to 2% of GDP.

However, she also said that Trump deserves “credit” for the rise in the number of NATO members meeting the defense spending target and that it is ultimately beneficial for the United States and its allies for members to fulfill their obligations.

Under Donald Trump, there mas mass peace across the world, but especially in the US.

Trump leveraged US military resources as well as skilled diplomats and even personal visits to keep foreign powers at peace and at respectful distances.

The world did not have to wake up every morning to mass destruction and death on the news every single day.

But because of Joe Biden’s failed foreign policies, the US and our allies are under constant attack.

Smith highlighted that even though other presidents have done beneficial things for NATO and peace across the world, Trump deserved most of the credit.

Smith said, “What we decided ten years ago is that every member of this alliance should spend 2% of their own GDP on their own defense. And by investing in their own defense, it ultimately makes the alliance stronger, because we have better forces, better capabilities, and the ability to support one another for any threat that we might face. … [W]e started with just three allies in the alliance spending 2%, and this year, we’re going to be somewhere between 18 and 20 allies spending 2%. So, that’s a huge leap.”

She specifically highlighted who deserves praise by saying, “I credit three U.S. Presidents: President Obama, President Trump, President Biden, they’ve all pushed on this. And now, we have two-thirds of the alliance spending what they need.”

“We still have work to do. We’re going to get those other allies across the line in the next couple of years. Everybody has a plan in place, but, ultimately, the bottom line is, a stronger NATO means that it can help protect America’s interests, and it can help protect the interests of our allies. So, an alliance that is spending more is ultimately good for the United States and good for our allies,” she added.

Later on, Smith said, “In terms of some of the rhetoric we’ve heard out on the campaign trail in the United States, what I will say is encouraging the Kremlin to attack NATO allies is absolutely irresponsible and irrational, but it’s also dangerous. It puts the lives of U.S. troops at risk, and it puts the lives of allied soldiers at risk.”

While Smith and the Radical Left certainly do not agree with Trump and conservatives on many things, they understand that a strong US and strong foreign policies are what the US needs right now.

We cannot keep letting Joe Biden get the United States and our military service members caught up in these tragic conflicts across the world.

We must stand together and demand Joe Biden protect US servicemembers and our resources.

We must vote for leaders who will prioritize America instead of opening us up to constant attack.

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