Trump schools the RNC with an enormous truth bomb

Donald Trump has been staying away from the RNC presidential debates. And many people understand exactly why.

But now Trump schooled the RNC with an enormous truth bomb.

The most recent presidential debate was considered by many to be a complete disaster, with some calling it “boring and inconsequential.”

Many voters are frustrated because they feel the debates have not been helpful in helping them decide who to vote for in 2024.

The questions being asked seem irrelevant, and the stage is mostly a place for Republicans to attack fellow Republicans.

Donald Trump’s campaign released a statement following the debate, where the senior advisor urged the RNC to stop hosting these debates.

Chris LaCivita said in the statement, “The RNC should immediately put an end to any further primary debates so we can train our fire on Crooked Joe Biden and quit wasting time and money that could be going to evicting Biden from the White House.”

Many Americans find themselves wholeheartedly agreeing that the debates have been subpar and do nothing to address the real issue: Biden.

The American people might not agree on debate questions or tactics, but we all agree that Joe Biden has long overstayed his welcome in the White House.

Americans are sick of Joe Biden and his horribly destructive and anti-American policies.

That is something everyone can get behind, and the RNC needs to be using more of their resources to get rid of Joe Biden and making sure the best candidate to beat him will be put forward.

In a recent post, Donald Trump stated that, “Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, and others, are far more important than ‘Aida,’ Sloppy Chris, Lyin’ Mike Pence, Nikki ‘Birdbrain’ Haley, Ron (‘Dead Campaign’) DeSanctimonious, and the others.”

And while some might find his words a bit strong, or the way he phrases things, the truth is that most Americans agree with this statement.

The RNC needs to be spending far more time going after Joe Biden and coming up with ways to make America the mighty country it once was, yet instead they seem focused on yelling matches between a bunch of adults.

The American people deserve better from the RNC, and the RNC needs to step up to start serving the people and putting the needs of the nation ahead of themselves.

Americans took to Twitter after the debate to express their frustrations, mostly centered around the Univision presence there.

The people have made it clear that they agree with Trump on this matter: the RNC needs to stop spending so much time and resources on debates that do nothing in getting Joe Biden out of the White House.

That should be the main goal of the RNC at this point in time: remove Biden and his entire corrupt administration from power.

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