Trump was vindicated when the Supreme Court granted Republicans this election win

Both Democrats and Republicans admit the 2020 election was the most mismanaged election in decades. Last-minute election reforms threw voters, politicians, and the courts into a tailspin.

But Trump was vindicated when the Supreme Court granted Republicans this election win.

The election process was brought back to some semblance of sanity and integrity thanks to the intervention of the Supreme Court of the United States.

A lower court ruling that allowed the counting of 257 mail-in ballots where the voters did not put down the date the ballot was submitted was overturned by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in favor of a Republican candidate for a judicial position in Pennsylvania.

This decision was made in support of the Republican candidate.

The Republican candidate came up just short, losing by a margin of only five votes, and he argued that there was no way to ascertain whether or not these mail-in ballots were properly submitted without a date.

“The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday sided with an unsuccessful Republican candidate for a judgeship in Pennsylvania and threw out a lower court’s ruling that had allowed the counting of mail-in ballots in the race that he had sought to exclude because voters neglected to write the date on them,” Reuters reported.

“The justices vacated the ruling by the Philadelphia-based 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals as requested by David Ritter, who lost his 2021 bid for a spot on the Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas to a Democratic rival by five votes after 257 absentee ballots without date notations were counted.”

In order for mail-in ballots to be tallied in Pennsylvania, they must be received by election night’s 8 o’clock deadline.

It is made abundantly apparent on the website for the state that it is not sufficient to merely have a postmark on the ballots; rather, they must be hand-delivered before the polls close.

However, in the election for president in 2020, the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court, which was controlled by Democrats, manipulated the process against former President Donald Trump by allowing ballots to count even if they were received up to three days after Election Day.

In the elections held in Pennsylvania in the year 2021, Democrats made an even more egregious attempt to cheat the system when they asked that votes that did not include a date be tallied as if they were valid.

It goes without saying that there is no way to establish whether or not their votes are valid.

However, Democrats insisted that their votes be counted in the official tally, and this caused a significant swing in the election’s outcome, which was just what the Democrats had planned from the very beginning.

Because Democrats are so obsessed with making mass mail-in votes the primary method by which elections are carried out, it is clear that they do not want any restrictions or protections that would protect the integrity of elections or limit voter fraud.

The demands made by Democrats to make voting by mail in Pennsylvania into a free-for-all were, thankfully, turned down by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court this time.

And voters’ faith in the legitimacy of the election will grow as a result.

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