Tucker Carlson got the last laugh against this radical Leftist who tried to put him in prison

Leftists will stoop to any low to deplatform their ideological opponents. That includes lobbing false accusations.

But Tucker Carlson is the last one laughing after this radical Leftist tried to put him in prison.

Cathay Areu began appearing regularly on Fox News programming such as Tucker Carlson Tonight, Hannity, and The O’Reilly Factor in 2018.

She was such a regular guest on Tucker Carlson’s show that he dubbed her the “Liberal Sherpa,” as he disputed her on topics such as whether or not parents should obtain “consent” from their young children before changing their diapers.

Her stint at the network, however, came to an end when she filed a federal complaint against Fox News, Carlson, Sean Hannity, and numerous other Fox News employees for sexual harassment and assault.

Areu alleged that on December 10, 2018, the night of the Tucker Carlson Tonight Christmas party, Carlson’s production staff held her in the studio and refused to remove her earpiece so the host could invite her to travel to a hotel where he was staying after the party without his family.

The only issue was that December 10 was the night of Fox News’ company-wide Christmas party; Carlson was in Washington, D.C. rather than New York City that day, as well as the next day for The Daily Caller Christmas party; and his wife was supposedly with him the entire time for both.

Areu also claimed that she wanted to bring a friend to the taping of a Hannity appearance, only to have Hannity offer her and her friend $100 to have dinner and drinks with him after the taping.

According to Areu, this constituted sexual harassment on Hannity’s behalf, even though her own emails proved that she emailed the host a photo of a drink she’d had at the restaurant he recommended the night before the next morning.

Needless to say, after a judge evaluated Areu’s claim against the Fox News hosts, her allegations were immediately dismissed, and despite the fact that the judge allowed her the opportunity to re-file the lawsuit, she missed two deadlines to do so, resulting in the suit being “dismissed, with prejudice.”

But it may now be evident why she filed the false case in the first place: money.

Cathay Areu was arrested and charged with several offenses on Friday, including kidnapping, elderly exploitation, and an organized conspiracy to deceive her own elderly mother.

According to The Miami Herald, investigators believe Areu has been exploiting her mother since at least 2019, and law enforcement has reportedly been attempting to arrest her since June, but believe she has tried to elude authorities, even fleeing to Mexico at one time.

Areu is accused of using a quit claim deed to take over her mother’s home, making several bank withdrawals from her mother’s account, and opening numerous credit cards in her mother’s name, among other things.

Worse, Areu is accused of forcing her mother into assisted living facilities against her choice in order to “gain control over her mother’s financial assets.”

The Herald further reported that investigators suspect the “Liberal Sherpa” practically dragged her mother to assisted living after neighbors saw the elderly woman’s shoe on the driveway.

Given that Areu was reportedly manipulating her mother for financial benefit while also creating charges for a lawsuit against many Fox News personalities, it’s impossible to argue that this wasn’t a money grab.

Areu was either desperate for money and performed both horrible acts for a payday, or she was a sick, money-hungry insane lefty who committed both heinous acts for a paycheck – there is no in-between here.

Whatever way you slice it, the “Liberal Sherpa” will be wearing an orange jumpsuit in the near future.

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