Donald Trump secured an election win that is utterly groundbreaking and blowing minds

Former President Trump has been on the ground working hard for the 2024 election. The results are showing.

Because Trump just secured an election win that no one thought was possible and it’s mind-blowing.

The Democrat Party has been very successful at convincing many minority voters that anyone who runs as a Republican simply isn’t worth considering voting for. It’s a brainwashing that has been stuck in the minds of some voting blocs for decades now, with little deviation.

The black vote, in particular, has been overwhelmingly in favor of Democrats every single election season. There’s simply no doubt that the Democrat running for president is going to win the black vote simply because they have a “D” next to their name on the ballot. What’s crazy is that the Democrats don’t even act like they have to try for the black vote at all.

Who can forget when Joe Biden made one of the most racist comments ever by telling a black man on his own show that he wasn’t black if he was still considering voting for Donald Trump in 2020.

However, in 2020, we did see a small but significant shift in Donald Trump’s favor amongst the black voting bloc. Donald Trump performed better than any Republican in decades with the black vote, and it showed a chink in the armor of the Democrats.

Well now that chink in the armor is turning into a giant gaping hole that has thrown the election cycle into total chaos. The success Donald Trump is enjoying in early surveys with likely black voters is astounding. It’s so significant, even CNN is sounding the alarm about how bad this is for Democrats.

CNN hosts Brianna Keilar and Boris Sanchez were visibly taken aback on Wednesday when their network’s senior data reporter, Harry Enten, presented striking poll results showing a significant shift in black voter support from President Joe Biden to former President Donald Trump.

A recent New York Times/Siena College poll revealed that Trump has significantly reduced his deficit with Biden among black Americans. The poll indicates that Biden leads Trump 70% to 18% among black voters. Enten emphasized the unusual nature of this trend, noting its potential electoral significance. Keilar and Sanchez, sharing in Enten’s surprise, discussed the implications of these numbers.

“Take a look at the numbers now and compare it to where we were four years ago at this particular point among black voters and we see a clear decline in support,” Enten explained. “At this point, Joe Biden is just getting 70% of the black vote. Four years ago at this point, he was at 81%. Look at that doubling of support for Donald Trump, from 10% up to 21%. Boris, Brianna, if that held through the election, it would be the best performance for a Republican presidential candidate among black voters in 64 years, since Richard Nixon back in 1960.”

The poll also shows Biden leading Trump by a narrow margin among Hispanic voters, with figures standing at 47% to 42%.

“Now, if you want to break down the black electorate and figure out where exactly the declining support for Joe Biden is coming from, take a look at this age breakdown,” Enten continued. “Black voters aged 50 and over are still overwhelmingly supporting Joe Biden at 85% to 8%. But among black voters under the age of 50, Donald Trump is getting 27% support, while Joe Biden is at 64%.”

Keilar responded, “Yeah, that is huge, that number there. What kind of impact are we talking about? What kind of impact could this have on the election, Harry?”

Enten outlined the potential consequences on the Electoral College. “Obviously those are national polls, but let’s say that we funneled this down to the state level, right. This declining level of support among black voters for Joe Biden, what type of damage would that do to him in the Electoral College? Well, if you just took that into account and didn’t shift any other voters, take a look here,” Enten said. “In 2020, based upon the current apportionment, Joe Biden would win 303 electoral votes to Donald Trump’s 235. But take into account that shift among black voters. Now, with just this shift among black voters, Donald Trump wins in the Electoral College, 291 electoral votes to 247.”

Enten further highlighted Trump’s lead in key sun belt states, which could prove disastrous for Biden’s reelection chances. Trump is ahead by 13% in Nevada, 9% in Georgia, and 6% in Arizona, according to the NYT/Siena survey.

“Why is that? Take a look at the states that shift,” Enten continued. “You would see that the states that shift are Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania … and Wisconsin. That alone would do it. And that is why black voters are so pivotal to Joe Biden’s chances to win re-election.”

Sanchez summarized the gravity of the situation, stating, “Harry Enten, alarms going off on the Democratic side, a big opening for Republicans. That is an alarm right there, Harry Enten.”

“It’s a huge alarm,” Enten agreed. “It’s spiraling. It’s ambulance, it’s police sirens, it’s any alarm you can think of that should be what’s going off on the Democratic side. These numbers, to be honest, could be deadly to Joe Biden’s campaign.”

As the 2024 election approaches, the shift in black voter support could significantly alter the political landscape, with both parties keenly aware of the high stakes involved.

You can watch the clip from CNN below:

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