Joe Biden is trying to stop the bleeding with one harebrained plot

No one ever accused Joe of being a rational guy. Now his incompetence is on full display.

Because he’s trying to stop the bleeding with one harebrained plot.

President Biden is starting a new outreach drive to Black voters, as polls suggest he is losing ground to his adversary, former President Donald Trump, among that critical Democratic group.

The Biden-Harris campaign unveiled an eight-figure spending blitz on Wednesday to increase engagement with Black student organizations, community groups, and church centers around the country and in battleground states as the president looks to mobilize support for reelection.

Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris appeared at the first official “Black Voters for Biden-Harris” rally in Philadelphia on Wednesday afternoon.

“Today’s launch of the Black Voters for Biden-Harris coalition is yet another example of our campaign working diligently to earn every single vote. This coalition and the newly announced summer outreach and engagement programming serve as the next phase of our campaign’s ongoing historic investments in outreach to the backbone of the Biden-Harris coalition – Black voters,” said Quentin Fulks, the Biden-Harris campaign’s principal deputy campaign manager.

“While we are busy putting in the work to earn Black America’s support — Donald Trump continues to show just how ignorant he is. Hosting janky rap concerts to hide the fact that he lacks the resources and competence to genuinely engage our community,” Fulks said.

The Biden rally comes only days after Trump staged a rally in the Bronx, which attracted up to 10,000 people in the bluest region of deep blue New York City, according to local authorities.

In his speech, Trump underlined that rising inflation during Biden’s first time in office disproportionately affected Black and Hispanic families, and vowed to turn the economy around if voters returned him to the White House.

Trump’s plan to target minority voters in states like New York, where Republicans haven’t won in decades, shows the Trump campaign’s perception that Biden is weak with important Democratic populations.

Polls support that theory. A recent Fox News poll shows Biden at 72% support among Black voters, up from 66% in February but still falling short of his 79% before the 2020 race. The November 2020 Fox News Voter Analysis indicated that 91% of Black voters supported Biden.

According to a New York Times/Siena poll of six battleground states, 76% of Black voters believe the economy is “fair” or “poor,” with only 22% saying it is “excellent” or “good.” According to the research, Black Americans, like other Americans, rate the economy as their most important problem.

The Biden-Harris campaign commits to increase contact to Black voters in the coming months to avoid this from occurring.

In addition to Wednesday’s rally in Philadelphia, Biden will attend an event with Black-owned small companies in the city, and the campaign will have a meeting with national organizations and local community members “focused on direct voter contact.”

Throughout the summer, the Biden campaign will collaborate with Black organizations to contact Black voters, expand the campaign’s presence in swing states, and register voters.

“Our campaign believes that Black voters deserve to hear from Team Biden-Harris, and they deserve to have their vote earned, not assumed,” the campaign for Biden stated.

“That’s exactly what we are doing through historic investments in Black media and outreach, creative engagement efforts, culturally competent content and innovative organizing initiatives. No campaign has valued Black voters like we have, including through investing earlier and with more money than ever before talking to Black voters.”

The Biden campaign also claims Trump is “running on an anti-Black agenda” and “talking down to Black voters.”

The Trump campaign did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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