Rumors of Democrats’ decision to replace Biden have shocked the nation

There has been widespread speculation that the Democrats will replace Joe Biden. But new evidence has completely exposed their plans. And new rumors of the...

Washington Democrats propose their worst idea in decades

Democrat leaders are obsessed with their radical agenda. And the way they go about things is ridiculous. Now Washington Democrats have proposed their worst...

Serious test results made Biden go pale as a ghost

Joe Biden's future is uncertain. And the picture is even more grim now. And these Serious test results made Biden go pale as a ghost. Joe...

Joe Biden was handed a stunning report that left him pale as a ghost

The American public have been served lies by the Left. The smoke and mirrors are starting to crash down. And Joe Biden was handed a...

President Biden has awful news for Americans about the economy

The state of the economy is one of the biggest sore points for the Biden administration. And Joe is only making it worse. Now President...

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