Joe Biden was handed a stunning report that left him pale as a ghost

The American public have been served lies by the Left. The smoke and mirrors are starting to crash down.

And Joe Biden was handed a stunning report that left him pale as a ghost.

America is weary of Joe Biden and the Democrats’ agenda over the past few years.

Thanks to the agenda from the radical Left, millions of illegal immigrants are pouring over the border every year.

Russia is threatening nuclear war with the United States and China is expanding its foreign influence unimpeded.

And the American economy is hanging by a thread – inflation is still at record levels, banks are shuttering, and Joe Biden is planning to raise taxes with an enormous $6.8 trillion budget.

Without major changes, Biden is sure to face repercussions when the 2024 elections rolls around.

It may be even worse than Biden could’ve imagined.

Food prices have risen under President Joe Biden’s leadership, fueling American hunger as over a quarter of Americans go without enough to eat at times, according to an Urban Institute research released Tuesday.

When Biden takes office in 2021, 20% of Americans will be unable to afford enough food. This figure jumped to 24.6 percent by the end of 2022, representing a 23 percent gain in a single year.

According to the poll, 63.2 percent of individuals stated that their household grocery prices climbed “significantly” last year. Hispanic and black adults were the most affected by Biden’s leadership.

Individuals whose food expenditures increased “a lot” were nearly twice as likely as other adults to occasionally not be able to purchase adequate meals (29.0 percent -16.5 percent).

Biden claims that inflation is decreasing. Despite his assertions, American families have found no solace in the grocery store aisles.

Prices for eggs (70.1%), dairy (14.0%), cereals (15.6%), and cookies have all increased in the last year (16.3 percent). Food prices rose 10.4 percent overall between December 2021 and December 2022, reaching a 40-year high for inflation.

Food costs were among the hardest hit by Biden’s price increases. In addition to food expenses, 55.5 percent were affected by gasoline price increases, 26.4 percent by heating costs, 26.2 percent by child care, 12.5 percent by health insurance, and 8.1 percent by mortgage payments.

“Because of recent price increases, 62.0 percent of adults whose grocery costs increased a lot reported either reducing the amount of food they bought or not buying the kinds of foods they wanted, 43.3 percent withdrew money from savings, and 36.3 percent increased credit card debt,” the study found.

“About 16.5 percent received charitable food.”

In December 2021, 8,142 persons aged 18 to 64 were sampled, while 7,881 participated in December 2022.

According to a February Sunday ABC News/Washington Post poll, 41 percent of American families say their financial situation has worsened since Biden took office, the worst score in 37 years.

Only 16% felt Biden had improved their financial situation.

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