What Democrats just did could be the end of America for good

The Democrats have gone way too far this time. They’ve doomed America.

Because what Democrats just did could be the end of America once and for all.

By outlawing all new gas stations in the area, a Democrat-run city in Colorado is taking matters into its own hands in an effort to combat alleged “climate change”

The Louisville City Council approved a measure limiting the number of gas stations that can be open within the city to only six.

The action, according to legislators, was vital to fight “global warming.”

According to council member Maxine Most, “We have an obligation to take every step possible to address the changes to our climate that are ravaging our planet and directly impacting the health, well-being, and livelihoods of the constituents we represent in Louisville.”

The unanimously approved ordinance also stipulates that gas stations must be at least 1,000 feet apart from one another and calls for the installation of “electric vehicle (EV) fast charging stations for any expanded, modified or new gasoline or automobile service station equaling 20% of the number of gasoline pumps at the stations, with no fewer than two such charging stations.”

Although though Most acknowledged the idea wouldn’t stop “climate change,” she still urges the small community to move forward with it since she doesn’t want to build any more fossil fuel infrastructure.

“Gasoline station bans may also be seen as promoting the use of Electric Vehicles (EVs), thus, reducing vehicle emissions and encouraging low-carbon and cleaner energy options for transportation,” the ordinance states.

The municipality, which has a population of roughly 20,000, set goals including generating 75% of the town’s residential, commercial, and industrial energy needs from carbon-free sources by 2030, as well as lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

The Louisville Sustainability Advisory Board suggested earlier this month that the city limit the number of gas outlets to five in an effort to encourage residents to transition from gasoline-powered cars to electric vehicles.

Blue states other than Colorado have also supported such policies. Beginning in 2035, California Democrats outlawed the sale of new gas-powered cars in an effort to encourage consumers to switch to electric cars.

The fact of the matter is that America cannot be energy independent with just solar, wind, and other popular “renewable” resources.

At least not yet.

Forcing Americans off of using fossil fuels is not only beyond the scope of what the government should be doing, it’s also damaging to our future.

What we’re going to run into is some states like California and Colorado having severe energy issues because they’ve hastily banned fossil fuels or set unattainable goals to be renewable resource reliable within just 10 or 15 years.

Meanwhile, more conservative states like Tennessee, Texas, Florida, and others, will be enjoying the benefits of both fossil fuel energy and new energy sources like solar and wind.

The reality is that fossil fuels are not the evil boogeyman that the Democrats want it to be. The engineering and advancement of fossil fuels have made them extremely energy efficient and clean compared to decades past.

Democrats are just using the “climate change” excuse as a trojan horse for their socialist and communist agenda.

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