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Joe Biden’s shocking betrayal of U.S. troops has left America horrified

Biden seems to hate our troops. And he is always doing things that harm them. But now, Joe Biden’s shocking betrayal of U.S. troops has...

Biden suffers devastating loss that could upset the whole race

Joe Biden has been framed as the Democrat’s top candidate. However, it seems the truth is very different. And Biden has suffered a devastating...

White House’s response to horrific crime by illegal immigrants shocks the nation

The White House has been avoiding addressing the crisis on the southern border. But they cannot ignore it any longer. And the White House’s...

New report details Biden’s shocking act he’s done to save himself

Joe Biden has failed this country more times than anyone can count. But now this report shows just how bad things are. Because it details...

White House accused of this stunning act of obstruction

It should not come as a surprise that the White House is doing something wrong. The current administration seems to be the most corrupt...

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