Joe Biden’s shocking betrayal of U.S. troops has left America horrified

Biden seems to hate our troops. And he is always doing things that harm them.

But now, Joe Biden’s shocking betrayal of U.S. troops has left America horrified.

After President Joe Biden opposed the House-led version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which proposed a 19.5% raise in basic pay for low-ranking troops, House Republicans unleashed a wave of criticism.

The proposed legislation aimed to increase the annual income of early-career enlisted service members to at least $30,000, up from the current minimum of $24,000, excluding housing allowances and free healthcare.

The White House issued a statement expressing strong opposition to the proposed pay raise, stating that Biden “strongly opposes making a significant, permanent change to the basic pay schedule before the completion of the Fourteenth Quadrennial Review of Military Compensation (QRMC).”

This stance was met with fierce disapproval from Republican lawmakers, who highlighted the financial struggles faced by many service members.

Rep. Derrick Van Orden (R-WI), a former Navy SEAL, expressed his outrage to the Daily Mail, emphasizing the financial hardships experienced by junior enlisted personnel.

“Joe Biden managed to become a multi-millionaire on a public servant salary,” Van Orden stated. “And he is snatching food out of our junior enlisted people’s mouths.”

He recalled his own experience, noting that his family had to rely on WIC coupons to feed their children during his service. “It’s disgusting and reprehensible. I can’t feel more strongly about it. That is bulls***,” he added, condemning the White House’s attitude.

Rep. Mike Garcia (R-CA) echoed Van Orden’s sentiments, calling Biden’s opposition “completely insane.” Garcia questioned the rationale behind the administration’s stance, arguing that the decision was both illogical and politically damaging.

“I can’t understand the rationale and in what universe it would make sense, either from a policy or from a political perspective. They’re actually going out of their way to say no to this and explain why this is a bad idea and it’s, it’s completely irrational and politically it’s actually suicidal,” Garcia said.

Rep. Don Bacon (R-NE) also criticized Biden’s position, labeling it “one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard come out of [Biden’s] mouth.”

Bacon highlighted the struggles of military personnel, particularly in expensive areas like Washington D.C. and San Diego, who rely on food banks.

“You got one out of eight ballistic guys on staff at food and water food banks, particularly in D.C., San Diego. And we figured we worked hard to figure out what the price need to be to get them above that threshold,” he explained.

Former President Donald Trump reportedly discussed the issue with House Republicans, emphasizing the importance of military pay.

According to Garcia, Trump made military pay a “front burner issue,” stating, “Everyone knows that we’re having challenges in our military right now. So why would you not support getting them to the equivalent of a minimum wage which the rest of the universe has in our country?”

Garcia underscored the dire financial situation faced by many service members, noting, “This is a pay raise targeted at the E1 through E4 level, who are currently making literally $12 an hour, right now, which in California is about half of what the fast food workers make at McDonald’s.”

In stark contrast, the White House statement prioritized diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives over the proposed pay raise.

“The Administration strongly opposes Sections 573 and 1113(g)(3), which would limit the ability of DoD and Federal agencies to support and promote positive cultures that empower, respect, and value all employees and students. The prohibitions regarding DEI efforts would impede DoD’s and Federal agencies’ ability to recruit and retain the diverse perspectives, experiences, and skillsets that are foundational to the strength of the Federal workforce,” the statement read.

House Republicans have lambasted the administration’s focus on DEI over addressing the immediate financial needs of service members.

The decision to prioritize DEI efforts while opposing a pay raise for junior enlisted personnel has fueled Republican claims that the administration is out of touch with the realities faced by many Americans, particularly those in the military.

As the economic challenges faced by service members come to the forefront, the issue is likely to remain a contentious point in the ongoing discussions about military funding and support.

The strong opposition from House Republicans signals a continued push to prioritize the financial well-being of service members, even as the administration focuses on broader social and cultural initiatives.

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