Hunter’s baby mama speaks out and destroys Democrats’ false narrative

The media and Radical Left have been working together to paint a picture of a clean and put-together Biden family. However, recent reports are totally different.

And Hunter’s baby mama has spoken out and destroyed the Democrat’s false narrative.

Lunden Roberts, the mother of Hunter Biden’s estranged daughter, has disclosed a series of shocking behaviors she witnessed during her time within his inner circle.

Among the revelations, Roberts claims that Hunter Biden nearly died from a drug overdose and kept drug paraphernalia “locked up” in President Biden’s Virginia home.

She also alleges that Hunter often slept with her friends, including almost immediately after she informed him of her pregnancy with their child.

Roberts’ memoir, “Out of the Shadows: My Life Inside the Wild World of Hunter Biden,” is being published by Skyhorse, co-managed by Tony Lyons, the co-founder of American Values 2024, a super PAC supporting independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The memoir is set to hit shelves later this summer.

According to a review by the New York Post, Roberts was exposed to Hunter Biden’s drug problems from the moment they met in 2017 at a party hosted by his investment firm, Rosemont Seneca, in Washington, DC.

She first saw him shortly after arriving with a friend who had invited her. Hunter was by himself in an office wearing only boxers “with parrots all over them,” organizing his drug paraphernalia, which included glass tubes and copper wire.

When their eyes met, Roberts noted that his eyes were “the most beautiful” she’d ever seen, and she was immediately drawn to his “complex” nature.

Their relationship quickly turned intimate, despite Hunter’s ongoing relationship with his late brother’s widow and his recent separation from his first wife, Kathleen Buhle.

Roberts introduced Hunter to a group of her friends she called the “Amoeba,” with whom he also engaged in sexual relations, often at upscale hotels.

Throughout their year-long association, Roberts witnessed numerous troubling behaviors.

She described instances where Hunter twerked on a stripper pole, continually purchased and used drugs, and acted erratically.

One particularly harrowing episode occurred during a drug binge when Hunter appeared at a hotel where Roberts and her friends were staying and collapsed in front of them.

Roberts stayed with him throughout the night to ensure his safety but refrained from calling for help to avoid causing a public scene that could negatively impact Hunter and his family.

In 2018, Roberts became pregnant. Although Hunter initially appeared supportive, he later denied having had a relationship with her.

Hunter has previously claimed that they met only once at a strip club and did not have sex. However, a paternity test later confirmed he was the father of Roberts’ daughter, Navy.

Roberts’ memoir also details how Hunter kept a stash of drug paraphernalia “locked up” in President Biden’s Virginia home, suggesting that his struggles with addiction were well-known within the Biden family.

Despite the Biden family’s public image, these revelations paint a starkly different picture of the private turmoil they have endured.

According to Roberts, Hunter has recently begun speaking with his daughter Navy via Zoom, although neither he nor other members of the Biden family have met her in person.

This ongoing estrangement highlights the complicated dynamics within the Biden family, particularly regarding Hunter’s troubled past and its impact on his relationships.

The publication of Roberts’ memoir comes at a politically sensitive time, as President Biden faces declining approval ratings and increasing scrutiny over his family’s conduct.

These revelations are likely to fuel further controversy and raise questions about the president’s awareness of and response to his son’s behavior.

Many Americans have also pointed to the mainstream media’s reluctance to cover these stories in-depth, suggesting a bias that shields the Biden family from the level of scrutiny applied to their political opponents.

They argue that if similar allegations were made against a member of the Trump family, the media response would be far more aggressive and relentless.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics for updates on this story and more.

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