First Lady’s horrible political move leaves many disgusted

Jill Biden’s political strategies have always been bad. But now she has taken it a step further.

Now desperate for public approval, she has made this shocking move.

A photo has recently been uncovered that showed Jill Biden in San Francisco posing with drag queens at the event space Welcome to Manny’s.

This event touts itself as “unapologetically queer and unapologetically political” and though the event most certainly is unapologetically queer, many fail to see how this event has anything to do with any real politics.

While this move may appeal to the extreme far left, the average American is frustrated.

The comments on this Instagram post range from disapproval to disdain with many left frustrated.

“All manner of perversion with the flotus in the middle of it all. What an absolute disgrace” one commentator said.

The sentiments in these comments are felt across the nation.

Once again, the White House is spending outrageous time and effort on garnering support with drag queens and trans influencers rather than addressing critical issues in our nation.

As inflation soars and prices skyrocket, the Biden administration has made it clear where their priorities lie.

An act such as this has sparked heated discussions surrounding the White House’s priorities and political goals.

This move comes just a few months after the Biden administration opened the White House for their pride month celebration.

Once again, the “family friendly” drag queens, and trans activists appeared anything but family friendly. Instead, a group of activists were pictured topless and flashing their bare chests.

As the current administration spends more time and effort on joke politics and meeting with drag queens, it becomes increasingly clear that they have no intention of trying to help America or her citizens.

Instead, they care more about their public image and appealing to the extreme left.

Are these “political stunts” worth it when crime skyrockets or when inflation has crippled the lives of the everyday citizen?

Why does the Biden administration care so much about drag performances and posing with transgender activists instead of fixing any real problems?

The nation is crumbling around us, and Americans demand Biden and his administration do something about it.

The First Lady’s ridiculous approach to public engagement fits into this larger narrative of our political elites wasting taxpayer dollars in office.

Do interactions like this align with any immediate needs or concerns of the American people?

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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