Joe Biden just got stunning news about a White House coup

The Biden administration utterly collapsing is raising a ton of questions. Even Democrats admit they don’t know who is in charge anymore.

And now Joe Biden’s received stunning news about a White House coup.

Joe Biden has been putting on a facade for two years that everything in his administration is going smoothly and that the nation is stronger than ever before.

But anyone with two eyes and a functioning brain can see that those two statements are stretches, to say the least.

Just in the past several weeks, we’ve seen the Biden administration desperately trying to save face from the classified documents scandal that Joe Biden is facing.

And his job approval continues to sink underwater with the majority of Americans disapproving of how Joe Biden is handling the Presidency.

This has forced even many Democrats to wonder what they will do about the 2024 election and whether they can truly run Joe Biden again.

Some within Democrat circles have proposed the likes of Kamala Harris or even Hillary Clinton, but almost everyone acknowledges that both of those options are too toxic.

They’ve tried to get creative with their options, and one name in particular keeps coming up.

It’s surprising for sure. He certainly hasn’t done well at his job as the United States secretary of transportation for the Biden administration.

On top of that, he’s faced quite a bit of negative press lately for the domestic flight outage that some argue he is responsible for.

But his latest comments seem to indicate that he truly isn’t going to be looking to run for President in 2024 with the hope that Joe Biden steps aside.

“I don’t have any plans to do any job besides the one I’ve got,” Buttigieg told the media recently.

He would go on to say he has “the best job in the federal government.”

“I love this job, and I feel like we’re right in the middle of the action,” Buttigieg told Punchbowl News. “I’m not planning on going anywhere because we’re smack in the middle of historic work.”

Of course, it’s unclear if he’s just saying this to get the media off his back about running in 2024.

But it certainly leaves more questions unanswered.

The simple truth is that Joe Biden is going to have an incredibly tough job ahead of him in 2024 should he plan on running again for a second term.

His advancing age on top of sore approval numbers make his outlook pretty grim even in the best case scenarios.

In his worst case scenarios, he’ll be utterly blasted at the ballot box by a strong conservative Republican like Ron DeSantis.

Then there’s also the impact a Joe Biden campaign would have on the House and Senate elections. If Biden dramatically loses at the ballot box, it could mean that the House and Senate will swing far in the favor of the GOP as well.

For now, though, Joe Biden won’t be looking over his shoulder to stomp out anyone within his administration trying to take his spot.

But it feels like a matter of time before Joe Biden will be forced to step aside.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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