Kamala Harris was hit with shocking news that will change her life forever

Vice President Harris has fumbled everything she’s been handed. It’s why many have called for her to resign.

And Kamala Harris was hit with shocking news that will change her life forever.

As Biden’s designated “border czar,” Kamala Harris has proven just how ineffective of a leader she truly is.

Millions have poured into this country and the only thing Kamala Harris will say is that there isn’t a crisis.

But despite her terrible immigration track record, her radical policy positions have made her a darling to some of the most hardened Leftists.

One of her pet-projects is expanding a woman’s ability to kill her child in the womb.

To her, abortion is almost sacred rather than just a medical procedure.

That’s why she said people don’t have to “abandon their faith” to support the abortion-on-demand – something most Christians would disagree with.

But that’s why in the run-up to the 2024 presidential race, a pro-abortion political action committee plans to spend “tens of millions of dollars” boosting Vice President Kamala Harris’ public image.

Emily’s List, a pro-abortion political action committee, explained its tactics to POLITICO.

According to the site, “such an investment in support of a sitting vice president is politically unprecedented,” and it “underscores the growing recognition that Harris may play an outsized role in what is sure to be a tough election.”

The President of Emily’s List, Laphonza Butler, discussed the objective of the investment, remarking, “We’re going to tell the story about who she is, what she’s done, support her at every turn and really push back against the massive misinformation and disinformation that’s been directed towards her since she’s been elected.”

While the PAC is still determining how much money it will spend to support the vice president, POLITICO reported that it will be “in the range of tens of millions of dollars,” while Laphonza stated that the investment will go toward efforts to target voters across multiple platforms.

“Some age groups and demographics get their information from things like YouTube or from TikTok,” said Butler.

“For some demographics, they are much more interpersonal and in terms of how they get and disseminate information.”

Meanwhile, an anonymous Republican strategist claimed that Harris is “a boogeyman that Republicans can use to push their message,” adding that “a President Harris would be even worse than a President Biden because she campaigned as a progressive fighter and had to moderate herself when she became Biden’s running mate.”

The PAC’s plans come as Harris has lately been highlighted by the White House, appearing during debt discussions between President Biden and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy only days before she appeared in front of thousands on a teleconference aimed at building support for a debt ceiling resolution.

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