No one expected CNN to backstab this Biden official live on air

People have come to expect that CNN will protect Joe Biden like a praetorian guard. But all of that could be changing.

And No one expected CNN to backstab this Biden official live on air.

Even Joe Biden can’t ignore the flood of illegal immigrants coming across the southern border anymore.

With a new Republican majority in the House of Representatives, Biden knows he will have to face a series of politically embarrassing investigations and hearings about his open borders policies that let more than 5 million illegal immigrants try to enter the country.

Biden gave a bunch of fake executive orders to make it look like he was doing something at the border.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas also talked to the media to spread the false story that the Biden administration cared about securing the border.

“We have accomplished more than 7,000 arrests. We have dedicated really untold resources, personnel, technology, investigative capabilities to break up these smuggling organizations, to disrupt them. You and I have both seen too much tragedy on the border. It’s precisely why we’re trying to build safe and lawful pathways,” Mayorkas said on CNN.

Anchor Poppy Harlow pushed back and asked Mayorkas if the fact that more than 2.4 million illegal immigrants would cross the border in 2022 was a “crisis.”

Mayorkas lied and said that the invasion at the border was “managed in an orderly way.” He then asked Congress to give illegal immigrants amnesty.

“We have seen the situation at the border managed in an orderly way, we have seen it in extraordinarily challenging circumstances as well,” Mayorkas added. “You can rest assured, Poppy, that we’re doing everything that we possibly can to build a system that provides humanitarian relief in a safe and orderly way while trying to persuade Congress to fix what is a broken system.”

Harlow tried to find out if what was going on at the border was a crisis.

“I understand that, but just what you’re seeing the 20 times you’ve been there, the record number of migrants at the southern border, and last year it was nearly 2.4 million,” Harlow continued. “If that’s not a crisis, Secretary, what is?”

Mayorkas again wouldn’t admit that the situation at the border was real. Instead, he tried to explain it in terms of how people move around the world.

“You know, Poppy, we have seen 2.4 million encounters at our southern border and it is reflective of the greatest level of displacement of people in the world since World War II,” Mayorkas declared. “It is reflective of a migration challenge that is gripping the entire hemisphere.”

Mayorkas said that Biden knew what was going on at the border, even though he had never been there.

Mayorkas also tried to convince Americans that the government cared about the border by saying that he had been there a dozen times.

“The President knows the border very well,” Mayorkas stated. “He has had his Secretary of Homeland Security visit multiple times since the very initiation of the administration.”

This is a strong criticism of Biden’s policies of open borders.

Mayorkas has been to the border many times, but illegal immigrants are still getting into the country. This shows that he is ineffective and incompetent.

The administration also doesn’t want to admit that there is a crisis at the border because that would make the new GOP House majority more likely to try to impeach Biden and Mayorkas.

But even CNN has to admit that what is happening at the border is clear to all Americans.

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