One U.S. Senator just ruined Joe Biden’s day with five words

Biden thought he had reached rock bottom in the past few weeks. But he’s got another thing coming.

Because a U.S. Senator just flat-out ruined Joe Biden’s day with five words.

The new GOP-controlled House has been causing a ton of problems for the Biden administration and the Democrats.

They’ve been announcing investigations that Biden is certainly going to be nervous about, like regarding Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

On top of that, the new GOP-controlled House has been making it clear that they won’t be cutting deals with Joe Biden or his Democrat lackeys in legislative sessions.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) knows this and delivered Joe Biden a major wake-up call.

Sen. Rand Paul stated that “conservatives will not vote to raise the debt ceiling” without “significant budget reform” during a press conference on the national debt on Wednesday.

Additionally, he criticized President Joe Biden’s stance that there should be no discussions, highlighting how the GOP’s commitment to change will compel Biden to “negotiate.”

Paul remarked, “President Biden says he won’t negotiate over raising the debt ceiling.”

“I have news for him. He absolutely will negotiate.”

The debt ceiling is the highest amount of money that the federal government is permitted to borrow in order to fulfill its legal responsibilities, such as paying for Social Security, interest on the debt, and other obligations.

On January 19, the U.S. government reached the debt ceiling with a $31.4 trillion total national debt.

When this has happened in the past, Congress has agreed to raise the debt ceiling, sometimes without any modifications and other times with built-in cuts to government expenditure.

If the GOP is as serious as they sound, it could very well be true that Biden will be forced to make big compromises.

The general public tend to view budgetary government shutdowns negatively, specifically when it comes to the sitting President and their administration.

Don’t forget that the Biden admin is already underwater in approval ratings.

A government shutdown would only make that worse at a time when the Democrat Party truly can’t afford taking on that political water in their boat if they want a chance at surviving in 2024.

According to the Biden administration’s Treasury Department, the federal government has about 6 months to really figure out the issue of the debt ceiling.

So Joe Biden is on the clock in terms of trying to figure out in which ways he wants to compromise.

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