Horrifying discovery of terrorist infiltration in highest level of American government

American politicians should be officials that we can trust. But recently there have been terrifying claims that have led to a shocking find.

And this horrifying discovery of terrorist infiltration in the highest level of American government is scary.

American politics from the Radical Left have fallen so far that we literally have terrorist supporters serving in our Congress.

The two most notable terror supporters are Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, and they have (especially recently) been extremely outspoken and vocal in their support of known terror groups.

They have refused to condemn acts of terror in the past, and they have a history of known anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Omar is the frontrunner of the two and her history is shocking:

She has refused to condemn the terror attacks on 9/11 and has refused to call the instigators terrorists; Instead, Omar said the tragic day was when “some people did something.”

Omar also claimed in an absurd and ridiculous tweet that Israel had hypnotic power over the world.

Now, in more recent days, Omar and Tlaib have been spreading false news and misinformation regarding the tragic terror attacks in Israel.

Omar and Tlaib have been extremely vocal in their support of Hamas, a terrorist group, and are trying to convince the world that Hamas has done nothing wrong.

Their most recent incident came when they promoted and spread a false narrative that Israel bombed a hospital in Gaza.

As the Radical Leftist media rushed to spread this fake news, Tlaib and Omar did as much as they could to help spread these lies.

Tlaib even went so far as breaking down into tears in DC during a pro-Hamas rally.

However, the truth is that the fault of the destruction of the hospital had nothing to do with Israel and was the fault of Gaza.

One Twitter user shared a post that showed just how much the headline changed over the course of a day.

Other social media user was quick to point out the false narrative being pushed by the liberal media.

One user stated, “I didn’t even think about that. NYT used a picture from a completely different location while (falsely) blaming the strike on Israel because the hospital location doesn’t have any destroyed buildings.”

When even President Joe Biden called out the misinformation, Omar tried to backtrack on twitter claiming that it was the media’s fault.

She tried to blame the Associated Press while claiming that much of the news these days was misinformation.

Well, if much of the news is misinformation, why are you spreading harmful and destructive lies across your social media without checking to see if the facts are true?

The blatant lies and spreading of a false narrative in order to support the horrific actions of a terrorist group are not things America should have from their elected officials that represent the US.

Americans need to hold these corrupt officials accountable for their crimes and they need to be banned from serving in any capacity in our country while they support terror groups.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics where we tell the TRUTH… not spread misinformation.

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