Top GOP donors send out chilling warning for top presidential candidates

Running for public office can be very expensive, and even the richest candidates rely on massive donations from groups. Without these donors, chances of election are much much slimmer.

And now, top GOP donors have sent out a chilling warning to the top presidential candidates.

During the third quarter of 2023, Donald Trump received a staggering $45.5 million in donations for his campaign.

While Donald Trump had a record quarter, many of his competitors in the race are losing support rapidly.

Top GOP donors have stopped funding “Trump contenders” as they seem to understand he is the clear frontrunner and no one will have a chance to beat him.

A longtime GOP strategist has said, “It’s becoming clear the cavalry’s not coming. The donor community has come to recognize the strength of Trump and the difficulty in dislodging a major part of the base from him. You’re tilting at windmills if you try.”

Donald Trump is leading in every poll and it is not even a close race.

Because of this, donors have realized that no one will be able to challenge the former president for the nomination so instead they are backing him and cutting funding to his competition.

Trump has the polling numbers, he has the support of the people, he has the money, and every time polls show a rematch between Trump and Biden, Trump wins.

Even though Trump is facing four criminal cases, he is still growing in support among the people as more and more of America wakes up to the destruction of Biden.

While Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley still have some support from donors and in the polls, it is clear that Trump will receive the nomination.

Other candidates like former VP Pence, former Governor Christie, and others, all have dropping support in the polls, and more and more donors are pulling funding.

These donors pulling their funding, likely mean the end of the race for many of these less successful candidates.

Even with Trump not participating in the RNC debates, his numbers continue to grow and his lead over the rest of the field continues to get larger.

America knows that what we need right now is the strong no B.S. leadership of someone like Donald Trump and many donors are realizing that too.

While some larger donors are still trying to oppose Trump, it remains clear that his lead is so decisive no one will be able to challenge him.

One Super Pac co-chair said that “this electorate is locked up” and advertisers would be “wasting money” backing anyone besides Trump until the field is at least more narrowed down.

When representatives for DeSantis, Haley, and Scott pitched GOP donors last week, there did not seem to be any clear success and many reports say they did not “prove immediately convincing.”

Donors, voters, and Americans alike all know that Trump is the solution to the Biden problem America is facing.

Americans need a strong leader who will put the needs of the people first.

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