Jim Jordan spanked Joe Biden with this demand for his FBI

The FBI has become more corrupt than ever before under Joe Biden’s admin. House Republican Jim Jordan is sick of it.

Because he just spanked Joe Biden with this stunning demand for Biden’s FBI.

Americans have watched for two years as the FBI has become more and more politicized at the hands of the Biden administration for the Democrats’ gain.

The FBI has raided the homes of innocent pro-life protesters, doing so unconstitutionally in many cases.

And as everyone knows, the FBI worked with the DOJ to raid the home of a former U.S. President, Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago.

The White House and Joe Biden himself say they had nothing to do with the FBI/DOJ raid of the Trump residence in Mar-a-Lago, but there’s been evidence coming out that this may not be true.

In the wake of all of this, Americans simply don’t have much trust left in the FBI to be blind to the politics of Washington, D.C. and stick to what they are supposed to be doing in investigating how the execution of the law needs to be enforced.

House Republicans are sick of this politicization of the FBI as well and are working on putting an end to this nonsense.

Top House Republican Jim Jordan believes he knows how to do just that.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, is advocating for the FBI to relocate its headquarters from Washington, D.C. to Huntsville, Alabama in an effort to remove politics from the bureau’s operations.

The story claims that until the bureau relocates to a mid-sized community in Alabama, around 700 miles from the nation’s capital, Jordan will halt financing.

At the moment, the FBI wants to relocate its headquarters out of the city and into the suburbs of Virginia. According to the Journal, Republicans are still angry at the agency over its targeting of former President Donald Trump and have threatened to cut funds for the new site as a result.

According to the report, the FBI said that any budget cuts imposed by Congress would be “detrimental to the support the FBI provides to the American people,” and that there were “numerous operational reasons” to keep the facility close to the D.C. region.

The Federal News Network announced in April 2021 that the Huntsville location will be a part of a recent agency’s multiyear growth at the Redstone Arsenal, which is located on around 1,100 acres and now houses 860 people and is planned to increase to approximately 3,400 by 2026.

An expansion of the FBI certainly seems concerning for many Americans as there just simply isn’t that trust and respect for the FBI that the public once had. An expansion right now just comes across like blatantly ignoring the concerns of Americans of the FBI being abused by D.C. bureaucrats.

Jim Jordan wants the FBI to get as far away from the Washington D.C. Swamp as possible because he believes that the FBI being so close to the nation’s Capitol only serves to make it easier to abuse the FBI’s power.

To make this happen, he wants to pressure House Republicans to threaten the FBI with the power of the purse by potentially cutting major funding to the FBI unless they comply with a move to a more distant area like Alabama.

House Republicans do have a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, but it is a slim one. They would need to keep all Republicans in lock step with each other in hopes to make this happen.

Be sure to stay tuned to Prudent Politics for updates about the FBI and its potential expansion and moving plans.

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