Liz Cheney is fuming from the ears after being EXPOSED for all to see

Fake conservative Liz Cheney has been enjoying her new role as the Left’s pet Republican. But her gig is up.

And now Liz Cheney is fuming from the ears after being EXPOSED by the last place she ever expected.

The American people have, regrettably, learned a lot more about Liz Cheney over the past few years than they would have liked.

Cheney presented herself as a genuine conservative who would speak up for her supporters.

However, her actions have demonstrated that she is nothing more than a puppet for the extreme agenda of the Left as she works nonstop to thwart the policies that her supporters wish to implement.

Just take a look at what she has accomplished since the year 2021 began.

Liz Cheney was the loudest voice in Washington, D.C. on January 6 when it came to assaulting President Trump, his supporters, and hard-working Americans. This included voices from the Left as well.

Additionally, she essentially referred to every Republican and every Republican supporter as an instrument of corruption while she was a member of Nancy Pelosi’s phony January 6 Committee.

She constantly used every opportunity to criticize Donald Trump.

Additionally, she has frequently demanded that Donald Trump be put on trial for a variety of crimes, including corruption.

But as it turns out, Liz Cheney is perhaps one of the sleaziest politicians in Washington, D.C.

Liz Cheney is purely an outgrowth of the swamp.

We all know that her father spent years as one of the top swamp animals in Washington, D.C.

Liz Cheney made sure that she took on her father’s responsibilities once he left the Swamp.

Even the most ardent Cheney supporter is shocked by a recent story, even though everyone knew she was as sleazy as they come.

Breitbart News looked into Liz Cheney’s fortune.

Additionally, per their statistics, Liz Cheney’s wealth increased by a staggering $7 million while she was in Washington, D.C.

Just give it some thought.

Liz Cheney’s wealth increased by $7 million in just three brief years in Congress, despite the fact that she only received $174,000 a year for her work in Congress.

Where did all the additional funds originate?

The stench around Liz Cheney is palpable to us all.

We all know she is still happy as she leaves Congress since she will probably capitalize even more on her experience there by working as an industry lobbyist, just like many others before her.

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