Nancy Pelosi’s heart stopped when she was attacked during a speech

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s narcissism is her undoing. She’s really paying for it now.

Because Nancy Pelosi’s heart stopped when she was attacked during a speech.

The Democrat Party has built a life by never allowing anyone inside the party or the corporate-run media to challenge them.

Over the past few decades, virtually every single news event that has been reported in the media has been portrayed as either favorable to Democrats or unfavorable to Republicans, or as something that is so insignificant and/or incorrect that everyone should disregard it.

Because of this, radical leftists have never routinely questioned the goals of Democratic policy.

Republicans are constantly the adversary thanks to the same forces that ensure Democrats are always seen favorably.

Republicans have been mocked and dragged through the mud on almost every subject, while Democrats have been blessed with unwavering allegiance from their base.

However, it appears that Democrats are starting to lose ground as even their programs are turning out to be too dictatorial for their supporters.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) discovered this the hard way while giving a recent speech.

The Congresswoman spoke at The City University of New York’s Graduate Center about a range of subjects at the event.

But this time, as opposed to the usual reaction she receives from her loving followers, hecklers in the unmistakably left-wing crowd started yelling at her.

One audience member yelled, “I came to see a warmonger, but you’re a sad, old drunk!” as Pelosi remained transfixed.

While security officers were quickly trying to remove that heckler, another got up and yelled at Pelosi, “What happened? When you went to Taiwan, were you looking for Ukraine? Did we blow up the Nord Stream on accident or on purpose?”

Security was ultimately able to get rid of every protester, allowing the event to continue, but the damage had already been done.

Of course, Rep. Pelosi isn’t new to protesters, but often the left-wing indignation mob targets Democrats’ electoral rivals.

As President Biden’s proxy war against Russia in Ukraine drags on with no end in sight and Communist China escalates its aggressiveness toward Taiwan, an increasing percentage of Democratic voters are losing interest in it.

Only 51% of Americans said they wanted to contribute money to Ukraine’s wars with Russia in a YouGov poll conducted late last month.

Democrats will therefore encounter additional difficulties with their anti-war constituency as more Americans withdraw their support for Ukraine and become aware of the amount of money funding the war effort.

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