Nancy Pelosi’s supreme stupidity was on full display in this shocking interview

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi represents everything wrong with DC politics. But she refuses to go away.

And now Nancy Pelosi’s supreme stupidity was on full display in this shocking interview.

Who is more disliked by the average American public? Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or Vice President Kamala Harris?

It’s a hard one to pick.

At least Kamala Harris largely stays out of the public eye for the most part. Maybe she’s self-aware of the fact that she is one of the most annoying Vice Presidents we’ve ever had in the history of America.

Nancy Pelosi, on the other hand, refuses to go away. She’s retired from her post as the Speaker of the House for the second time after Republicans took back the U.S. House and installed Kevin McCarthy as the speaker.

At 83 years old, she is still trying to keep her time in the spotlight. The latest example comes from an interview she gave with MSNBC.

Appearing in an exclusive MSNBC interview with Jen Psaki (the former White House Press Secretary for Joe Biden), Nancy Pelosi discussed a ton of topics regarding Washington, D.C. politics.

But one of the exchanges she had made her look truly… dumb. That’s the only way we can describe it.

Pelosi was asked by Jenn Psaki about the issue of abortion and whether she believes that Democrats should try to attack Donald Trump on that issue.

The argument is that somehow Donald Trump is an anti-women and anti-freedom candidate who just wants to control everyone. Of course, if anyone knows Trump, that’s not Donald Trump at all.

But Nancy Pelosi’s response was seriously confusing.

“Is this something Democrats should be hanging around Trump’s neck more?” Psaki asked of Pelosi, referring to the abortion issue.

Pelosi responded saying that Trump’s opinion on abortion is an “hypocrisy of the first order.”

She then said that he was “inconsistent” on this issue, followed by confusing vague comments.

Check out the clip below:

She sounds like she’s drunk in the interview to begin with.

Secondly, what in the world is she talking about saying that eight Republicans voted for women to have contraception? There was no law that was brought up in Congress about banning contraception.

And what hypocrisy is she talking about? Trump has made clear that he thinks this is a state issue, not a national issue.

Nancy Pelosi is insufferable and she showed that yet again in her interview with Jenn Psaki that was supposed to be a softball.

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