A Fox News host just said the most insane thing about Joe Biden

Fox News has become the number one cable news outlet in America. But one Fox employee is destroying that single-handedly.

Because a Fox News host just said the most insane thing about Joe Biden.

Those who are politically astute have criticized President Joe Biden’s weekend decision to visit Ukraine while ignoring Ohioans who are suffering with a toxic waste crisis.

East Palestine’s mayor referred to Biden’s actions as a “slap in the face” on a Fox News broadcast on Monday.

That was described as an illustration of “politicians not caring about the disenfranchised” by a Boston Herald columnist on Tuesday.

There’s also Geraldo Rivera.

The contributor to Fox News felt it was wonderful. And as a result, he is getting put on blast.

Here is Rivera’s Presidents Day tweet saluting Biden: “Bravo Biden stand and deliver.”

What precisely has Biden accomplished? increased tensions between the United States and Russia for unclear reasons (the proxy war is already evident on the global stage, and drama isn’t made better by becoming melodrama). Ersatz air raid sirens emphasize a photo op visit for television.

Yet, it did very little to assist Ukraine and absolutely nothing to assist Americans in East Palestine, Ohio.

Regular people could recognize Biden’s extravagant stagecraft for what it was—a show—but evidently not Geraldo Rivera, who in 1986 embarrassed himself on national television by delving into mobster Al Capone’s hidden vaults. Geraldo Rivera has since done very little to repair his reputation.

However, Rivera serves mostly as a foil for Fox News, where he plays the liberal pinata that is routinely smacked by his Fox colleagues.

But, following his tweet criticizing Biden, Rivera too came under fire from Twitter users, with some of them demanding for his dismissal.

It’s crucial to note that no sane person is advocating that the president should entirely ignore the conflict in Ukraine.

It goes without saying that the United States should pay attention to a revanchist Russia and its potential victims.

In the face of Chinese aggression, Taiwan also merits the president’s attention. Likewise do the countries bordering the South China Sea.

But, Americans like those in Ohio are the ones who are first in line for that attention.

And the focus should be on the issues in the United States.

It would be OK for the White House to delegate everything to, example, Pete Buttigieg, the current secretary of transportation, and travel abroad if Biden had a top-tier team to act independently.

But, the members of Biden’s cabinet are graspers and climbers who share his ignorance and incompetence.

Since sensible people are aware of this, it is being minimized by the mainstream media. Because of this, Republicans are always criticizing Biden online.

Geraldo Rivera, though, has lost all sense.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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