Nancy Pelosi started screaming after Tucker Carlson revealed this surveillance video

Nancy Pelosi’s worst nightmare is coming true. Democrats were scared this day would come.

And Nancy Pelosi started screaming after Tucker Carlson revealed this surveillance video.

Democrats and the corporate-controlled media have been spreading the false narrative that President Trump incited an insurgency on January 6 for almost two years.

Democrats and the media expected the American people to believe this claim based on shaky evidence.

Nancy Pelosi used her position as Speaker of the House to conceal all 41,000 hours of security footage from January 6.

Nevertheless, things are changing now that Republicans control the House.

Kevin McCarthy, the new Speaker of the House, granted Tucker Carlson access to the entire collection of 41,000 hours of surveillance film.

According to Axios:

According to McCarthy sources, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has given Fox News’ Tucker Carlson exclusive access to 41,000 hours of Capitol security footage from the Jan. 6 incident.

Carlson TV producers were on Capitol Hill last week to begin sorting through the collection, which includes several camera views from all across the grounds of the Capitol. In the following weeks, excerpts will begin to air.

Carlson slammed the concept of withholding the footage from the public in an interview with Axios.

“There was never any legitimate reason for this footage to remain secret,” Carlson stated.

Carlson added that releasing the video footage would clear up any doubts regarding the involvement of federal informants in the events and would also reveal whether this was a violent insurgency to overthrow the federal government.

“If there was ever a question that’s in the public’s interest to know, it’s what actually happened on January 6. By definition, this video will reveal it. It’s impossible for me to understand why any honest person would be bothered by that,” Carlson added.

One of the most controversial occurrences in recent American history occurred on January 6.

But, the American people were expected to take Democrats’ and the media’s word for it.

As Carlson pointed out, if the official explanation is correct, no one should object to the full release of all 41,000 hours of security video.

Nancy Pelosi is clearly concerned about what the film will reveal, which is why she has kept 41,000 hours of material under lock and key.

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