CNN is freaking out over this employee gone missing

The Leftist media outlet CNN has been going down in flames. And it’s only getting worse.

Because now CNN is totally freaking out over this employee that’s gone missing.

The days of CNN’s Don Lemon might be numbered.

According to Fox News, an insider at the mainstream media network claimed that Lemon is taking a “holiday” from his duties in the wake of the controversy surrounding a sexist remark he made last week.

The insider said that Lemon’s return to his on-air duties at some point will depend on “where his head is at.”

Following a program on “CNN This Morning” on Thursday in which he questioned the age of Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley, Lemon left the show.

Lemon alleged that 51-year-old Haley “isn’t in her prime,” seemingly conflating having children with pursuing a political career.

In a later Twitter post on Thursday afternoon, Lemon took back the “prime” remark, but he did not specifically apologize to Haley.

CNN’s executives criticized Lemon for the odd speech; CEO Chris Licht reportedly expressed his displeasure with the liberal media star on a Friday editorial conference call.

In light of Licht’s reorganization of the media company’s staff, the controversy may potentially result in Lemon’s termination.

According to a CNN source quoted in a Sunday article by The Daily Beast, the situation had sparked “ongoing conversations about Don’s future.” “Don Lemon Benched on Monday Over Sexist Remark Scandal, Insiders Say,” was the report’s headline in The Daily Beast.

The New York Post reported that Lemon was going to return to “CNN This Morning” on Monday.

Since being demoted from his nighttime program, Lemon has frequently argued with Penny Harlow and Kaitlin Collins, his co-hosts on “CNN This Morning.”

Lemon sped through Harlow earlier this month to disparage Collins’ line of questioning during an interview with Republican Rep. James Comer, the head of the House Oversight Committee.

To lecture Harlow in a monologue that referenced QAnon and Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lemon even postponed a commercial break.

Lemon frequently interrupts his coworkers while they are live on air.

The Daily Beast was informed by a CNN insider that “he is a constant distraction.”

Former CNN President Jeff Zucker, who was fired from the network following a misbehavior controversy, elevated Lemon.

The political media outlet CNN has been rebranded by its new leadership as a neutral news source, forsaking the progressive opinion content that individuals like Don Lemon are renowned for.

But it seems CNN is now seeing that no one will ever trust the network again after it spent years becoming an arm of the radical Left.

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