Dr. Fauci’s secret funding of bioweapons was just exposed by Elon Musk

Anthony Fauci’s scandals continue to pile up. It’s getting close to a critical point.

And Dr. Fauci’s secret funding of bioweapons was just exposed by Elon Musk.

Elon Musk turned against COVID lockdowns and mandates as early as April 2020.

Dr. Fauci was the main person who came up with the COVID restrictions that shut down the economy and made people’s lives miserable.

Many people also think that Fauci had something to do with the start of the pandemic because he paid for gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is where COVID seems to have gotten out.

Musk wrote on Twitter that the fact that Dr. Fauci’s wife was in charge of ethics at the National Institutes of Health was one reason he might have felt free to stray into the dark side of scientific research.

“Almost no one seems to realize that the head of bioethics at NIH – the person who is supposed to make sure that Fauci behaves ethically – is his wife,” Musk wrote.

Musk went even further by saying that gain-of-function research was just another form of “bioweapon” research because it made it easier for viruses to spread and could make them more dangerous.

Musk also pointed out that Barack Obama’s government put a stop to gain-of-function research, which Dr. Fauci lifted in 2017.

“‘Gain-of-function’ in this context is just another way of saying ‘bioweapon.’ Some good nuggets in the article. Important to note that Fauci authored a 2012 paper arguing for gain-of-function research! Obama wisely put this on pause, but Fauci restarted it,” Musk wrote.

In a press release from December 2017, the National Institute of Health said it was resuming funding for gain-of-function research, which had been put on hold since 2017.

The NIH will now pay for research on how coronaviruses can gain a function.

“Today, the National Institutes of Health announced that it is lifting a funding pause dating back to October 2014 on gain-of-function (GOF) experiments involving influenza, SARS, and MERS viruses. GOF research is important in helping us identify, understand, and develop strategies and effective countermeasures against rapidly evolving pathogens that pose a threat to public health. The funding pause was lifted in response to today’s release of the Department of Health and Human Services Framework for Guiding Funding Decisions about Proposed Research Involving Enhanced Potential Pandemic Pathogens (link is external)(HHS P3CO Framework),” the release read.

EcoHealth Alliance got a $600,000 grant from the NIH for the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Dr. Fauci told Congress that this was not research on the gain of function.

The facts show that Dr. Fauci wasn’t telling the truth.

And what else would we expect from the same person who helped send this country down the rabbit hole of lockdowns and mask mandates?

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