Host on “The View” exposes herself as a babbling buffoon

The View has never been a very highly regarded show for political commentary. But now they’ve really stepped in it.

Because this host on The View just exposed herself as a babbling buffoon for all to see.

Leftists always seem to think that countries in Europe like France, Switzerland, or Sweden are somehow utopias where everyone works about 30 minutes a day and lives in mini mansions with no worries in the world.

This is, of course, not the case.

While the Left secretly hates America and wants to demonize the United States at every chance they get, the reality is that there’s no nation quite like America.

No other country in the world has any law in their constitution or constitution-like documents that guarantee the rights that Americans are guaranteed with the First Amendment.

Something like free speech is something that radical Leftists take for granted anytime they criticize America as an evil state.

But this is the opinion you’ll see from the hosts of the show “The View.”

The women on The View are in freak out mode now that there’s a bunch of states that have outlawed abortion since Roe v. Wade was effectively overturned with the Dobbs ruling that came down from the U.S. Supreme Court bench in June 2022.

In fact, one host on the show said that she is “upset 24 hours a day” because she lives in the deep red state of Florida.

Co-host of The View, Sunny Hostin, started out by saying that she thinks Finland is such a great place to live because they have free health care and offer a year of guaranteed maternity leave to the women who work in their country.

Nevermind the fact that their population is literally 60 times smaller than that of the United States.

Their military is also laughably small compared to America’s military as well.

“All those life stresses that we worry about — like, ‘How am I gonna pay for my kids’ school? How am I gonna pay for my house? How am I gonna do this?’ — they don’t have it! They’re just hanging out!” Hostin ranted.

According to Hostin, everyone’ just rich over in Finland and no one ever worries about paying for housing or schooling. Sorry to break it to her, but that’s not the case.

Then Ana Navarro chimed in lamenting the fact that she lives in Florida. But she didn’t just say she doesn’t like it, she said she is upset “24 hours a day.”

“Maybe if you lived in Florida you would be upset 24 hours a day too,” Navarro said.

Behar also said “time to move” in response to Navarro.

Navarro would later go on to say that maybe Finland isn’t a great option because they have far too many white people and complained about the fact that they don’t have “Cuban restaurants” and tacos to her liking.

She also then seemingly talked herself out of moving to Finland because of how cold it is there compared the Florida.

So it almost seems like Finland isn’t such a great idea for her, right? That’s the thing with radical Leftists and “progressive” ideologues.

They are insufferable because there is not contentment with them. Everything is about how racist, sexist, and bigoted everyone else is compared to them.

So living in Florida has become a nightmare for her that she can’t wake up from. When in reality, Florida has actually become one of the most desirable places to live in the entirety of the United States, and thus the world.

Ron DeSantis certainly has had a hand in seeing that happen over the past few years.

But sure, Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin, continue to be mad because you live in a conservative state that doesn’t let kids get indoctrinated into “woke” gender ideology.

We bet you won’t leave, though.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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