Major Democrat makes shocking accusation against Republicans

Democrats have it out for conservatives. They’ll stoop to any low to make sure they fall.

And a major Democrat made a shocking accusation against Republicans.

Last week, Democrat politicians in Tennessee took over the State Capitol to scream and cry about gun control.

They opened the doors and facilitated a mob of protestors to enter the Capitol, bringing legislation to a stand still.

If this was done by Republicans, the Left would say this is an insurrection.

Even worse, it’s treason at the highest form and the politicians ought to be tried and barred from public office forever.

But since it’s Democrats, they say it was a peaceful protest.

However, the Tennessee legislature voted to expel two of the three Democrats who helped plan the disruption.

And now the Left is crying racism, yet again.

CNN anchor Don Lemon said Friday on “CNN This Morning” that Tennessee Republicans who expelled two black lawmakers over a gun violence protest inside the state capitol did so because of “racism.”

Lemon said, “Look, it’s. They could have done a censure. Right. I think the right question was, why take the most drastic action afterwards? This is exactly what our country was built on. On protesting. Not everyone — protests aren’t perfect,” Lemon said.

If protests aren’t perfect then why didn’t they give a pass to the January 6th protestors at Capitol Hill?

Despite this discrepancy, Lemon went on.

“It’s also unconscious bias. It’s racism. It’s a double standard in our society. Obviously, I don’t have to say. I doubt they would have done this to white members because guess what? They didn’t. They did it to the two black members. And especially the two black men. It’s like usually, especially with something like this, the way people think about black men in this society needs to really be examined, especially with protests, especially with how we express ourselves.”

Could it be that individual people did their own actions and deserve their own unique punishments?

No, of course not! It must be the specter of racism!

Lemon then continued on a rambling rant about how there are two representatives named Justin who were expelled.

If you look at the member there, the guy with the afro, right? He’s very outspoken. Justin Pearson. Right. I just, I just wanted to be clear because there are two Justins. I just wanted to be clear because he has the afro. Too militant or whatever you want to call him, outspoken. But that’s how he that’s his way of expressing himself. And it doesn’t mean that he’s being rude or boisterous or whatever. He’s expressing himself, and that’s how he feels. And the other guy is a more subdued, and he’s going to be on, the other, Justin, I should say, because there are two Justins. And that’s why I keep saying Justin Jones. That’s the way he expresses himself.

Did you follow that? We didn’t either.

Lemon then concluded by repeating that there is no other explanation than racism for the two black representatives being expelled.

“And so I think that we really need to think about the double standard in the society. You may want to call it an unconscious bias. It’s racism. It’s exactly that’s all that it is. And what they were trying to do is something that was good for the country and for Tennessee and for the country. And they ended up with the worst outcome.”

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