Terrorist plot at a liberal college gets foiled for this shocking reason

The Radical Left is doing everything in their power to destroy this great nation. But this has gone too far and crossed every line.

And a terrorist plot at a liberal college gets foiled for this shocking reason.

Far Left colleges across the nation are now taking things to the absolute extreme and are literally teaching their students to blow things up and commit acts of terror.

At least sixteen colleges are encouraging students to read a book called “How to Blow Up A Pipeline.”

The book, written by Swedish professor Andreas Malm, encourages and even calls for terrorism, overthrowing capitalism, and even acknowledges that people will die because of it.

It says, “Demolish them, burn them, blow them up. Let the capitalists who keep investing in the fire know that their properties will be trashed.”

Many colleges took these books and developed classes around them and read only four books including the pipeline manifesto and a communist manifesto.

Not only are colleges creating new courses, but they are also forcing this ideology down the throats of students taking completely unrelated courses.

University of California-Berkeley is requiring their Geography & Interactive Biology students to read the terrorist book.

Teachers Jake Kosek and Paul Fine took a course related to biology and turned it into a course on “decolonization.”

The syllabus says the “class focuses on the scientific practice of modern botanical taxonomy as a colonial formation that conditions our modern relations.”

It also claims that the names of plants “were often forged to be of service to empire-building.”

Across the country, pro-terrorism sentiment is on the rise in dangerous fashion.

The support for the terrorist group Hamas has been spreading, and it has already started in our college campuses.

In fact the book encourages people to look to Palestinian terrorists for inspiration.

It says “As part of the mass resistance in the besieged Gaza Strip in the spring of 2018, Palestinians invented techniques for sending kites and helium-inflated condoms carrying incendiary materials across the wall to burn Israeli property.”

US-based intelligence agencies have already marked the book as a “developing threat” because “Malm encourages pipeline sabotage and property destruction.”

Currently, 23 government agencies, including the FBI, warned the public that the film adaptation (released in 2023) could spark terrorism.

Even New York Times interviewers have been shocked by the willingness of the author to kill.

“It’s hard to think that deaths don’t become inevitable if there is more sabotage,” one interviewer said.

“Sure, if you have a thousand pipeline explosions per year, if it takes on that extreme scale. But we are some distance from that, unfortunately,” replied Malm.

This is what the Radical Left is forcing on our children.

We cannot allow this propaganda to continue any longer.

We must take this country back from the absolute lunatics that are seeking to destroy it.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics for more updates on this developing story and more.

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