The White House just gave a gift to China that will make you furious

The current administration has made terrible decisions regarding China. And the more that Joe Biden does, the more obvious it is whose side he is on.

And now the White House just gave a gift to China that will make you furious.

While China continues its relentless march towards global dominance, President Biden is busy throwing open the economic gates, extending a cascade of tariff exemptions that shower billions of dollars into communist coffers.

This shameful retreat from the Trump-era legacy of holding China accountable stands in stark contrast to a growing bipartisan consensus demanding decisive action against America’s economic rival.

On Tuesday, Biden’s U.S. Trade Representative (USTR), Katherine Tai, announced a sweeping extension of tariff exclusions for over 350 China-made products, ranging from solar water heaters to crab meat.

This gift to Beijing, a recurring theme since March 2022, undermines the very purpose of the tariffs imposed by President Trump:

To level the playing field for American workers and protect our intellectual property from rampant theft.

The beneficiaries of Biden’s largesse are far from innocent.

These are the same Chinese companies that engage in unfair trade practices, exploit forced labor, and pose a grave threat to our national security.

Each exemption handed out is a missed opportunity to protect American jobs and rebuild our domestic manufacturing base.

Meanwhile, amidst Biden’s appeasement, a powerful bipartisan coalition is rising.

The House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has made a resounding call for revoking China’s permanent normal trade relations (PNTR) status, a legacy of the “free trade consensus” that decimated millions of American jobs.

Studies by the Coalition for a Prosperous America and others paint a clear picture: ending this one-sided relationship could create millions of American jobs, revitalize our economy, and finally put the interests of American workers first.

So why, one might ask, does Biden persist in kowtowing to Beijing?

The answer lies in a web of corporate special interests and ideological blind spots.

Big businesses, addicted to cheap Chinese imports, lobby relentlessly for tariff exemptions.

Meanwhile, the ghost of the failed “free trade” experiment still haunts some corners of the political establishment, leading them to believe that engagement, not strength, is the key to dealing with China.

This surrender is not only economically unwise, it is morally untenable.

As China commits human rights abuses, steals technology, and threatens our allies, Biden’s tariff-lite approach sends a dangerous message: America is on the run.

The time for half-measures and appeasement is over.

It is time for President Biden to heed the bipartisan call, revoke China’s PNTR status, and stand up for American workers and American interests.

The future of our economy and our national security depends on it.

We must demand immediate and decisive action.

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