Top official reveals shocking real reason for inflation

Inflation has been off the charts the past few years since Biden took office. And there have been many excuses given for why.

But now a top official reveals the real reason for inflation…and it’s shocking.

It is no secret that inflation has been at record highs in recent years.

Joe Biden has given many reasons for why but refuses to take any blame.

Now a top official of a non-partisan agency calls Biden out.

The director of the CBO (Congressional Budget Office), said on Tuesday in an interview that inflation has been the result of massive government spending “over the past couple of years.”

The director, Phillip Swengel, admitted that supply constraints could also have helped attribute to inflation.

The CBO “is strictly nonpartisan;” and “conducts objective, impartial analysis.”

There is no political reason or secret agenda for Director Phillips, unlike top Democrats who blame the everyday American for inflation.

Director Phillips has brought the truth to light:

Inflation is a direct result of over-the-top, unnecessary, extreme government spending.

With over $113 billion in aid going to Ukraine, the recent billions going to fund terrorism in Iran, and billions of other dollars going to foreign countries, Joe Biden is to blame solely for the crippling inflation in America.

Biden has claimed repeatedly that he has had nothing to do with the terrible inflation rates, and in recent months has traveled around campaigning that he has helped inflation tremendously.

Biden is tone-deaf.

It is as simple as that.

Gas prices continue to rise, food is still at peak highs, and the average American still struggles just to make ends meet.

Biden has single-handedly destroyed the American economy while taking credit for reducing inflation.

But he has nowhere to hide now.

When will the American people start to demand more from their President?

And when will their President do anything for his people?

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