A Republican went on CBS and explained how Joe Biden is putting all Americans in major danger

Americans have been facing a handful of serious issues on Biden’s watch. But one stands above the rest.

And a major Republican went on CBS and explained how Joe Biden is putting all Americans in major danger.

In actuality, Joe Biden’s border policies are a catastrophic failure.

Joe Biden and his allies are denying that there is even an issue along America’s southern border with Mexico, despite the fact that the situation has reached crisis proportions.

Because of how terrible things have gotten, many members of Congress, particularly those who represent districts close or on the border, are essentially pleading for assistance.

Representative Tony Gonzales, who sits in the US House of Representatives and represents Texas’ 23rd District, is one such lawmaker.

Gonzales discussed the situation at the border during an appearance on CBS’ Face the Nation.

According to Rep. Gonzales, “It is a dire situation in El Paso. As you know, the city declared a state of emergency. This is something you do when there’s a hurricane, a fire, an earthquake. What is happening is it’s a hurricane of migrants, and everyone is impacted. I represent 823 miles of the southern border.”

Gonzales went on to note that he was “just in El Paso a few days ago, and what I saw at the migrant center I had never seen before. I have visited the processing center there many times. What I saw were hundreds, over 500 migrants in a pod.”

When asked about how to solve this crisis, Rep. Gonzales said “Throwing money at a problem does not solve a problem. You can have an unlimited amount of soft-sided facilities. The problem is enforcing the laws already on the books.”

Gonzales noted that just wanting a better life doesn’t mean immigrants should get asylum status.

“I’d also argue the bulk of people that are coming over are just trying to live a better life. I get that. They’re coming here for economic opportunities. But that doesn’t qualify for asylum.”

Gonzales is entirely correct to note that many of these unauthorized immigrants are coming to this country for financial motives, which is not a valid justification for asylum claims.

In actuality, a large number of these illegal immigrants are doing so to obtain employment.

It is unsafe and foolish to permit large numbers of people to enter the country without proper documentation.

At the border, smuggling of drugs, people, and guns is highly widespread, and allowing people to cross unchecked facilitates the entry of all of this illegal cargo into the US.

America needs a strong border now more than ever, but Joe Biden doesn’t seem to care at all, claiming there are “more important things” going on to excuse his inability to go to the border.

House Republicans ought to make questioning the Biden administration about their unwillingness to keep America safe a key focus during the upcoming legislative session.

If nothing is done about the southern border, it could be the undoing of the foundation of America as we know it.

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