A US Admiral just made this disturbing announcement

The Biden admin has made some major mistakes in the past. But this one takes the cake.

And a US Admiral just made this disturbing announcement.

During a segment of an interview with ABC News that aired on Thursday’s episode of “Nightline,” HHS Assistant Secretary for Health Admiral Dr. Rachel Levine responded to a question about why people can’t wait until they’re 18 to undergo gender transition therapy by saying, “Adolescence is hard, and puberty is hard.” What if you’re going through the wrong puberty?”

That’s why people can’t wait till they’re 18 to undergo “gender-affirming” care.

Host Juju Chang asked, “What would you say to folks who think that they’re being reasonable by saying, why can’t children just wait until they’re 18?”

Levine answered, “Adolescence is hard, and puberty is hard. What if you’re going through the wrong puberty? What if you inside feel that you are female, but now you’re going through a male puberty?”

Chang went on to say, “The argument is, well, they’re too young to know.”

Levine responded, “I want to make it clear that for pre-pubertal children, there are no medical procedures done. The standard of care allows them to explore that with therapy.”

Levine also stated, “Well, gender-affirming care is medical care. Gender-affirming care is mental health care. Gender-affirming care is literally suicide prevention care.”

And “The treatment options for gender-affirming care for transgender youth really are evidence-based.”

Despite Levine’s push for radical social policies, most Americans disagree vehemently.

A majority of Americans oppose allowing gender-affirming care for minors and transgender women participating in women’s sports, a poll found.

A Washington Post-KFF poll found that 68 percent of adults oppose access to puberty-blocking medication for transgender children ages 10-14 and 58 percent oppose access to hormonal treatments for transgender kids ages 15 to 17.

More than 60 percent said transgender “women” and “girls” should not be allowed to compete with other women and girls in youth, high school, college and professional sports.

On top of that, most Americans are against allowing trans “female” student athletes to compete on women’s or girls’ sports teams.

Deep partisan divides exist.

Three in five (63%) oppose allowing transgender “female” student athletes to compete on women’s and girls’ sports teams.

Democrats are divided on the issue: a plurality (46%) support including trans “women” student athletes in female sports teams, while a similar number (41%) oppose it.

In contrast, the majority of both Republicans (88%) and independents (63%) oppose allowing transgender “women” student athletes from participating in female sports.

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