Adam Schiff has egg on his face after being caught in this embarrassing lie

Democrat Representative Adam Schiff is one of the most insane Democrats in Congress. He has no integrity whatsoever.

But Schiff has egg on his face after being caught in this embarrassing lie.

Today’s radical leftists despise free speech and most other American ideals.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that folks on the Left are going insane about Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter.

One such communist who is spreading lies and misconceptions about Elon musk is Adam Schiff, who represents California’s 28th District in the United States House of Representatives.

“On Elon Musk’s Twitter:- Slurs against Black people have tripled – Slurs against women are up 33% – Slurs against Jewish people are up 61% – And slurs against gay men are up 58%,” Schiff wrote last Thursday. “These numbers are abysmal – and unacceptable. Today, @RepMarkTakano and I are demanding action.”

Elon Musk quickly responded, claiming, “False, hate speech impressions are actually down by 1/3 for Twitter now vs prior to acquisition @CommunityNotes.”

Elon Musk, however, was not the only one who was outraged by Schiff’s ludicrous assertions.

Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald replied to Schiff’s tweet with “Aside from these made-up numbers: do you see how — to Democratic Party politicians — dictating to social media companies what they can and can’t platform, how they must censor, the role Democratic politicians play in all this, is just assumed as normal?”

Schiff’s tweet demonstrates that Democrats are willing to go to any length to stifle free expression on the Internet.

Overall, Adam Schiff is one of the most dishonest and despicable members of the House of Representatives.

Lying openly about “hate speech” is a standard tactic for the Left, which labels everyone who disagrees with them as “racist.”

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter is a significant triumph for free expression.

For far too long, Big Tech has been a platform that has catered to liberals while repressing conservative voices.

Companies like Google, Twitter (before Musk’s purchase), Facebook, and Amazon have gone to tremendous lengths to support Democrats politically while punishing conservatives, often for no reason at all.

Elon Musk must continue to expose the Left for what they are: petty tyrants.

Other platforms, such as Facebook, should take note of Musk’s adjustments, or they will continue to lose value.

Freedom of expression is one of the most vital human rights, and the fact that Democrats are so determined to eliminate it demonstrates how dangerous they truly are.

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